Sometimes I remember Robert called Aaron beautiful and it floors me all over again 🤧

Robron are really going to get the wedding they deserve this time. Not because they’ve had time to plan it or because they’ll do it in front of family or because it will be legal, but just because they get to enjoy being married from day one. No prison clouding their day, no bittersweet feeling of the wedding, no ‘calm before the storm’ atmosphere, just their own happy day. They get to go to bed on their wedding night not worrying about sleeping apart soon or having to say goodbye, instead they finally get to have a honeymoon period.

Their first wedding was about having a bright spark to help them get through the inevitable pain of being apart, but this wedding is the first day of the rest of their lives of being together.

Emmerdale Big Bang Round 2 - so at ease in the midnight sky  @aarobron

“The Dingles Travelling Circus. They’re not hard to find - posters everywhere, plastered in shop windows and bus stops and on railings. What town they’re in, where they’re going next. Dates and dates and dates, white text on black, and Aaron stares at them until it’s all memorised and his eyes are watering.”

and that’s just the way it is

after a year of work my big bang is finally here! please enjoy and let me know what you think!

“Yeah, boyfriend.” The word feels unfamiliar, sounds strange falling from his lips so simply, almost like it’s easy. “I like the sound of that.”

“I like the sound of it too, boyfriend.’

And as Aaron’s heart thunders in his chest, beating fast and and heavy in his throat, he realises; it’s the easiest thing he’s ever done.

after meeting on the phones at work, robert and aaron quickly grow closer. being two hundred miles away from each other won’t stop them from falling in love. now, all there is left to do is meet.

or, a gavin and stacey au no one asked for.

(emmerdale big bang round two)

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Robert and Aaron first speak on a Wednesday.

Aaron’s boss Craig tosses a mountain of paperwork his way that morning, a bright green post-it note placed crookedly in the corner of this week’s report. Angry black letters in jagged lines dug into the paper: ‘Call ClearSwift today – speak with line manager Robert Sugden – right sarky bastard.’

This isn’t how Aaron planned to spend his twenties; working the day shift at CitySprint in Leeds city centre, tracking packages that aren’t his and arguing on the phone with miserable, middle-aged Londoners he doesn’t want to speak to. His desk is small, pushed into the corner next to Caroline, a loud and chatty woman, shocking blonde hair and personality to match. He’s been here long enough for her to know now, a nod and a wave are fine, a gossip and a hug are reserved for the rare promotion or holidays.

It pays his rent though, a stuffy little one bedroom flat a five-minute walk from work, a place to kick off his shoes and throw himself down on the sofa, Chinese takeaway in hand and a warm beer on the coffee table.

The phones are ringing around him as he slams down the folders on his desk, knocking over the remains of the sandwich he had eaten for breakfast, cardboard packaging spilling out crumbs over the wood. The one thing he’s grateful for with this job is that he doesn’t need to wear a uniform; no unbearable overalls he was forced to wear in his uncle’s garage, no excruciating suit and tie pulled tight around his throat. He’d opted to wear his warmest jumper today, the maroon cotton pulled over his knuckles, fighting against the biting January cold outside.

“So, what’s it like to hit the big two-five?”

Caroline’s sat perched on the edge of his desk before he even realises she’s there. Aaron barely holds the sigh that’s dying to escape, as he all but collapses into his seat, twisting around to face her.

“Caroline, what did we say?”

“Yeah, I know, no talking about the birthday.” The last word coming out as barely a whisper. “I still don’t get why you don’t want the attention.” Her voice is mocking, laughter in her pale green eyes, slight wrinkles forming around her wide smile.

“Because we’re not all loud-mouths like you who thrive off it.”

Caroline reaches over the desk and grabs at Aaron’s shoulder, bright pink nails digging into his muscle. Aaron winces, he’s almost gotten used to the loud tapping on the keyboard next to him, but she still hasn’t got the hint that he wants her claws nowhere near him, no matter how many times he tells her through gritted teeth and fake smiles.

“You know you don’t mean that, you love me.”

Aaron can’t help but smile, a small quirk of the side of his mouth as he shrugs her off. You’d never know she was just weeks away from turning forty. Brightness poured out of her, or maybe it was just the disgustingly bright yellow jumpers she insisted on wearing every day, either way, she was loud and charming, and everything Aaron had once hated.

“Shove off. Some of us have actual work to do today.”

She hurries off with a grin on her face, eyebrows raised, and returns to her desk as Aaron scoots his chair closer to his desk. It’s a mess, paper strewn across the wooden surface, stacks of folders he has no use for hanging precariously off the edge. It’s then he notices the post-it note again, and grimaces. He reaches over and grabs it, the paper sticking to the end of his finger. There’s three harsh lines underlining the word ‘today’; Aaron scrunches his nose and glances at the small digits on his computer screen, 13:15 flashing brightly at him.

He can’t really put it off any longer, the companies down south usually clocking off at three in the afternoon, and if this Robert Sugden fella is anything like the inept man Aaron dealt with this morning, he wants to get this over with as quickly as possible. The phones already in his hand as he punches in the number, his fingertips leaving slight grease marks on the keypad as he tosses the post-it note across his desk. The phone rings twice.

“ClearSwift; Robert Sugden speaking.”

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fell-down-a-rabbit-hole-of-music  asked:

What storylines would you wanna see for Robron, Ringsy and David&Patrick? :) Have a good Saturday, sorry your plans got canceld!

Thanks! FYI this is my third time attempting to answer this. If it doesn’t work this time I am sorry but I give up.

Robron - GIVE ME SOME SCHEMING! When Aaron and Robert work together against someone it’s my favourite thing. Well after soft and in love husbands. I had hope Joe would be a genuine foe for these two but alas not so. He just follows Debbie around like a puppy dog. Give me a mystery they have to solve TOGETHER. Give me a heist or a murder or something. “Where’s Wally? I haven’t seen Wally.”

Ringsy - When it comes to these to I love them in domestic bliss. I want to watch them furnish an apartment and be that couple that has it weirdly together while everyone around them comes to them for advice.

David and Patrick - Move in together. Could you imagine apartment hunting with David Rose? Comedy gold.

Badge’s and Barmaid’s, Chapter 16

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Vanessa’s head was a mess. For the better part of the day, she was still on cloud nine from her with Charity kiss, it had been perfect, even with Johnny’s little interruption. Their lips moved together excitedly, perfectly, like they’ve been perfecting the art for years. But then there was this nagging voice in her head, relaying Charity’s words over and over. Had she said them a few weeks ago, Vanessa wouldn’t have cared. But that was before she started to get to know the blonde before she started to develop any sort of feelings towards her. Vanessa had convinced herself that maybe the Charity everyone was gossiping about wasn’t really her, that she wouldn’t have tried to reach out after messing things up if she didn’t want something more than a bit of fun. Then she went and said those words, right after the most earthshaking kiss Vanessa had ever experienced. She wanted a bit of fun, the occasion tongue twister, or a cheeky nightcap. That wasn’t what Vanessa wanted though, she wanted someone to come home too and cuddle with on the sofa. She wanted romantic nights out, and quiet walks through the village hand in hand. She wanted all of that, but she also wanted to feel Charity’s lips pressed against hers again, she wanted to drag her upstairs and touch her glorious body. But, Vanessa didn’t know if she was willing to push down how she felt in exchange for a few restless nights with Charity Dingle.

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That mag article that starts ‘move over Robron, Vanity’s Emmerdale’s new hottest couple’ like literally no ship war or whatever but wtf complimenting one LGBT couple by trying to one-up/ compete with another unrelated LGBT couple is just…gross???? 

For the love of god can we please all agree that that’s shit and not like argue about it bc yikes