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We interrupt your Hobbit/LOTR feelings for Part #649 of the Ramin Karimloo situation.

katedaagreat replied to your post: Joanna was a harlot and Tywin a hypocrite

how the fuck is she a harlot?

 emmathompsons replied to your postJoanna was a harlot and Tywin a hypocrite


onionjulius replied to your postJoanna was a harlot and Tywin a hypocrite

WTF harlot??!?!

ashagreyjoys replied to your postJoanna was a harlot and Tywin a hypocrite

…how was she a harlot, though? are we reading the same books or?

this is the question that we’re all asking.   I’M VERY CONFUSED RIGHT NOW.  DO ANY OF YOU UNDERSTAND???? now i’m honestly trying to figure out if there is any reasoning behind this other than to goad me. i mean, i’ve said before that i believe Joanna was bisexual and had a very intimate relationship with the princess of Dorne. Some people wrongly equate bisexuality to sexual promiscuity, and then condemn those people??? i really, really, honestly don’t believe that tywin was the only man Joanna slept with in her lifetime, and if you’re going to be critical of MY BABY for that then kindly fuck off which i can see that this guy did, because he just unfollowed me

PSA: if you don’t like me, you don’t need to send me weird and vaguely rude/sexist/confusing anon messages.  JUST UNFOLLOW.goldencersei liked your postJoanna was a harlot and Tywin a hypocrite

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[’m sure as hell exists that I forgot someone, but I think as far as I can tell all people who are somehow dear to me here on tumblr are present. I listed not only people who added beautiful and amazing gifs, fanfiction, edits or comic stuff to my daily life, but also people I had amazing talks with. I wish you all the best. Have a wonderful Christmas and in case you don’t celebrate Christmas: happy holidays my friends. Take care! M.]