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The blond was given the duties of the mayor to check the forest to make sure no other damage was done by the wolf. In all reality, Emma was willing to look to help calm Ruby’s mind. Emma’s mind wandered as she did the same with her body, wandering the forest. In an instant her body froze and she stopped. There was someone standing there before her. Was it her mind playing tricks on her, or the real deal? “Graham?” She spoke out without really thinking.

Family Business

Mr. Gold leaned on his store counter, exhausted. His limited and skewed glimpses of the future didn’t prepare him nearly well enough for the past few days. He was reunited with his son, yes, but his son was still for the most part ignoring him. His new found relations to Emma and Henry didn’t help either. He walked over to the door and had his hand on the sign. He was too emotionally spend to take in customers today. The near death experience didn’t help either. He took pause though when he saw Emma walking the street.

“Miss Swan, could I trouble you for a moment?” He called from in front of his store as he held the door open.

EmmatheSwanCharmer | Wandering Spirits

As Viola wandered into the Storybrooke she seemed confused. Where was she? Pausing in the street she held her head a little. “Shit… Klaus is gonna kill me.” she mutters as she made her way down the street. Her Coat clung to her body as she tried looking around a little bit more. She needed a phone, hers was now dead. As a women approached Viola smiles a little “Excuse me? Where Am i? My car broke down a little outside of town.. so….”