I was never a huge fan of Emma (liked some of her NXT matches, but the gimmick never quite clicked with me), but I still think it’s wrong that WWE had to release her the way they did. The whole situation itself sounds like a misunderstanding to begin with. I doubt that of all the things she could still, she would steal an iPad case. I mean, there are superstars still in WWE after multiple offenses (whether it’s DUI or drug violations) and for Emma to get released after one arrest, an arrest that could have very well been based around a misunderstanding, seems a little overboard. They could have just given her a warning if anything or even send her back to NXT for a little as a punishment.

Again, not her biggest fan, but I still wish she’s able to bounce back from this with an open mind wherever she goes from here. She seems like she had a genuine passion for WWE and I can imagine she’s heartbroken. Who knows? Maybe she’ll be back in WWE in a few years. Remember when Daniel Bryan got fired after choking the ring announcer during that Nexus debut back in 2010 but there was such an outcry from the fans over the situation, he was brought back? This could very well be one of those situations. Stranger things have happened in the WWE.


Emma & No Doubt Mashup - “Hella Good Memory" 

by RavenCyarm