My Top 10 Captain Swan kisses
2: Good Form (Season 3, Episode 5)

Once upon a time, a cocky Pirate had an infatuation with a beautiful Savior who bested him twice. On the same day she punched him in the face, the Pirate learnt that the Savior’s heart could not be stolen, for she was the special product of True Love. Fascinated by her strength and compassion, the Pirate decided to help her rescue her son, and his attraction for her grew at each passing day. One day, always brash and provocative, the Pirate challenged the Savior for a kiss, confident that he would leave her breathless and wanting for more. However, when she accepted his challenge and crashed her lips against his, he was overcome with surprise to realize that he was the one desperately craving more of her  — she had bested him once again. That was when he knew he was in love with the Savior, and that he would do anything to show her how much he loved her. Encouraged by the breathtaking kiss, the Pirate never left the Savior’s side, determined to be the one to steal her heart… in all the right ways.