That's What You Were Doing In Germany - Austin Carlile & BMTH

Austin break up request where y/n live in HB with him, you’re super excited that he gets back from tour but completely forgets about your plans because he’s busy sorting out an engagement ring, he comes home late and y/n thinks he’s cheating and leaves him, she’s broken hearted and goes back to her friends BMTH in the uk-austin gets on the first plane he can and crashes a party BMTH threw to take her mind off things and proposes infront of everyone and fluff fluff fluff pleasee

I liked this one a lot so here you go c: it took forever I’m so sorry! Written by Emma.

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These Guys - Pierce The Veil and Austin Carlile

Written by Emma.

Chapter One: Maybe They’re Different Here.

Chapter Two: You’ve Got An Admirer.

Chapter Three: I Really Want To Kiss You.

Chapter Four: This Isn’t Fine.

Chapter Five: I’m Sorry.

Chapter Six: Art Buddies.

Chapter Seven: Isn’t The Right Time.

Chapter Eight: Just Some Lyrics.

Chapter Nine: Tonight Was Awesome.

Chapter Ten: Acceptance.

Chapter Eleven: I’m Sorry, Again.

Chapter Twelve: Bulletproof Love.

Chapter Thirteen: I Won’t Be Sleeping Well Tonight.

Chapter Fourteen: Out Of My League.

Chapter Fifteen: Colliding With The Sky.

Chapter Sixteen: I’m Kissing You, My Bestfriend.

Chapter Seventeen: Congratulations.

Chapter Eighteen: It’s All Over My Shirt.

Chapter Nineteen: Everything’s Getting Back On Track.

Chapter Twenty: These Guys.