These Guys - Pierce The Veil and Austin Carlile

Written by Emma.

Chapter One: Maybe They’re Different Here.

Chapter Two: You’ve Got An Admirer.

Chapter Three: I Really Want To Kiss You.

Chapter Four: This Isn’t Fine.

Chapter Five: I’m Sorry.

Chapter Six: Art Buddies.

Chapter Seven: Isn’t The Right Time.

Chapter Eight: Just Some Lyrics.

Chapter Nine: Tonight Was Awesome.

Chapter Ten: Acceptance.

Chapter Eleven: I’m Sorry, Again.

Chapter Twelve: Bulletproof Love.

Chapter Thirteen: I Won’t Be Sleeping Well Tonight.

Chapter Fourteen: Out Of My League.

Chapter Fifteen: Colliding With The Sky.

Chapter Sixteen: I’m Kissing You, My Bestfriend.

Chapter Seventeen: Congratulations.

Chapter Eighteen: It’s All Over My Shirt.

Chapter Nineteen: Everything’s Getting Back On Track.

Chapter Twenty: These Guys.