emmaskies replied to your post:

Woah you have great eyes


athenapsychs replied to your post:

Hahh omg its p cute tho just like you!! The cutest <3

how can u say that when u are, in fact, the cutest <3

guardiansofthe-galaxy replied to your post:

but its so cute tho

aw thank u :) it’s not my fave look but i guess it can’t be that bad if everyone else likes it!

thewinterpucky replied to your post:

my hair does the same when it’s longer, even when i let it air dry :’) but you still look gorgeous!

oh yeah i feel that, mine was a million times worse when it was long. i pretty much had to keep it braided all the time. those were dark days

To those dads out there doing your thing and trying to the best of your abilty to be there for your child happy fathers day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM NOT THE RICHES MAN IN THE WORLD FAR FROM IT BUT I KNOW ASLONG AS I HAVE LOVE TO GIVE IMA ALWAYS DO JUST THAT FOR MY #emmasky #PROUDDADA #DADA #FATHERSDAY


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