emmashbates: A Costa Rican Roadtrip is up on Kuidaore now! Link is in my Instagram bio 🌞 shortly after I took this photo I then tried to turn the ignition on to drive onto the Puntarenas ferry, conveniently at that very moment our battery decided to die. It was about 35 degrees outside and needless to say neither of us had the first clue about jump starting a car. Thankfully a local man behind us was far more savvy with a pair of cables than we could ever hope to be. A little group of people surrounded the car and within 5 minutes we were up and running again. Note to self, don’t blast air con without the engine turned on, no matter how close you are to expiring. Go read about the rest of the adventure!

Finn Harries - Girlfriend

Some people are asking me about Emma and Finn and I’ll answer according what I know. I mean according my own conclusions. You have the right to take yours!

  • Is Emma dating Finn?

Yes. Emma is Finn’s girlfriend.

  • Where did they meet? Since when are they dating?  

Well, I THINK they met at Casper Lee’s Bday party in April, last year. 

In May they started posting similar photos on Instagram  and putting similar captions, too.
Then, In June they were filmed in Jamal Edwards TEDxTalk holding hands. If you want, this video is on Youtube and you can watch.
In August they went to Ibiza for a romantic holidays and you can see Emma in Mr Ben Brown video, when The Team Mother Tuckers returned from India. There are another one where you can see someone with Finn but you can’t see who, this one was posted by Mr Ben Brown and it is called Reunited with Jack and Finn. 

Concluding I think they are danting since May or June 2013.

  • Who is she?

Emma Bates is a student and a blogger. She is studing Politics, History and War studies ( it means International Relations)  at Kings College London. She is the same age as Finn and lives in Fulham. 
Basicly, in her blog she posts about lifestyle, trips, food and holidays.
If you check her blog you will find more information about her and lots of photos where you can see Finn’s shirts and rings, Ella ( Jack’s girlfriend) and Charly’s photos and many other things. You will see some deleted coments,too. Lot of fans do not understand that they are talking about her private life and push the limits of good breeding with her.

  • Why some people don’t like her? 

It comes from a passed situation. The truth is that she was not politically correct to a girl at the gym, and because of that she was severely criticized by the fans of Finn. Sincerely, in some cases, was exaggerated what fans did, I mean some people just threatened her with promises of death and send her some extreme hatred.

It is important to emphasize that the picture of the girl was quickly removed. What makes me defend that she thought about her attitude. 
I repeat: It was past!

Recently she answered a question stating that she is not this bad  and rude person as many people think.

  • Are they in Amsterdam? 

The answer is yes,too. Right now (2/02/2014) she’s in Amsterdam with Finn and I think she will blog about this trip very soon.

  • What about Finn?

Finn is more conservative than Emma although repeatedly surprises fans with very similar pictures like her.
In December (I’m not sure) he posted a photo of her in his Facebook with a cute caption. He said “Dinner with this munchkin.“ but quickly put it in private or remove.

In all the photos he seems to be happy. Smiling and enjoying.

  • My honest opinion.

We are fans so we like to be informed. And I think Jack, Finn, Ella and Emma understand that. But the desire to know the things does not imply promises of eternaly hate, threats or lacks of respect for Emma. Each has the right to have an opinion but insult and offend is not a good civic attitude.

Liking or disliking it try to be respectful and understand the distance they impose, please. This is their private life. Be careful about what you say! They are people like us and they have feelings and heart.

Everyone can draw their own conclusions. We can not think that they do not read certain things and comments, they read and sometimes it is not favorable.

I believe that they keep their personal life private to protect the people they love. To protect them from this uncertain hatred.

Is more interesting when it’s a mystery!

This is her instagram; http://instagram.com/emmashbates 

Be fans not haters!
I leave the tip!