So today, I got sent these from one of Emma’s friends. It is true, I called her an illiterate hoe. Why? 

Because I am trully pissed at this whole situation. I know what you guys are going to say, “That gives you no right to call her an illiterate hoe.”

You’re right. I have no right to call her an illiterate hoe. Yet I was really fucking angry and that’s pretty much why. I apologise, my bad. I didn’t mean to be that rude.

But let’s just get on the situation.

Today I got on twitter and saw this girl who stood up for the lady on the picture and told Emma that what she’s done it was not right.

Emma replied to her and then the poor girl got ashamed and kind of took a step back.

And that’s when silly me got in the bullshit.

I stood up for the girl and congratulated her for having the guts to tell her that.

And then I started to think about it.

You know what? I am rude. But I had my reasons.

Emma had no reasons to take that picture and quickly upload it to twitter where thousands of people can see it. She didn’t take a minute to put herself in the lady’s place and think - Man, if that would be me I’d definitely feel like bullshit. 

And then I thought,

Who the fuck are you, Emma, to make fun of someone’s effort and struggle. You don’t know what she’s been through. And as her friend told me, “You don’t know her”. Well, Emma didn’t either know that lady. 

And I’m making this, because I know there are plenty of girls in this fandom with low self esteem. And that gives her no right to laugh. 

Because she’s not fucking perfect either. 

You are free to send me any thoughts of yours. Even hate is welcomed.

Have a nice day.

emmashbates: A Costa Rican Roadtrip is up on Kuidaore now! Link is in my Instagram bio 🌞 shortly after I took this photo I then tried to turn the ignition on to drive onto the Puntarenas ferry, conveniently at that very moment our battery decided to die. It was about 35 degrees outside and needless to say neither of us had the first clue about jump starting a car. Thankfully a local man behind us was far more savvy with a pair of cables than we could ever hope to be. A little group of people surrounded the car and within 5 minutes we were up and running again. Note to self, don’t blast air con without the engine turned on, no matter how close you are to expiring. Go read about the rest of the adventure!