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Strike a Pose

(art by @cocohook38)

A/N: Double J Productions strikes again for @herhookedhero!

Happy Birthday, Jess! When I told Julie about your idea for a CS model/photographer AU, she jumped at the chance to do something for someone so very special to us! We are so lucky to call you a friend, and we both hope you love your gifts. The two dresses on the right and left are Zuhair Murad (of course) and the one in the middle was Julie’s vision of combining them both. <3

It was her first major photo shoot with her dream designer and Emma Swan could hardly contain her excitement. After thousands of go-sees, and so many doors slammed in her face, she finally got the call—or rather her agent got the call.

“Emma, are you at the building?” Regina inquired.

“Yes, I’m just walking up the stairs right now.”

“Good, now remember: I’ve told Zuhair wonderful things about you, and I know you’ll kill it. As for your photographer…” Regina’s warning tone did not go unnoticed.

“Regina, you have told me a million times about Killian Jones…”

“Yes, well, telling you and experiencing it firsthand are two different things. Don’t get distracted. Just do your job, and make them all notice you.”

“Trust me: I have every intention of showing them Emma Swan.”


Emma was ushered into a dressing room filled with designer garments, and was quickly dressed into one. It was a gorgeous sleeveless red dress with a sweetheart neckline. Intricate beading covered the bodice and the skirt; the skirt gathered high at the left hip, leaving her left leg bare. It was high enough that she was able to show off one of the silver Christian Louboutin pumps on her feet.

The style team gave her an updo with a lavish (and ridiculously expensive) diamond headband. A few strands of her golden hair framed her face and the adorned her neck with a ruby choker. When the hair stylist,whose name was Ruby, finished, she was now in the hand of Trisha for makeup. As Trisha, who insisted on being called “Tink,” was applying highlight to Emma’s cheeks, she asked, “So, first gig, huh?”

“Yeah…how could you tell?”

“Your hands won’t stop shaking,” Tink pointed out. “You’ll be do great. Zuhair doesn’t just book newbies all the time. He must have seen something in you. I’ve worked with him a lot; trust me on this.”

“Thank you. I really needed that.” Emma beamed in the mirror, the unexpected confidence boost definitely helped her mood. She looked over to see Tink uncapping a tube of lipstick. “That’s such a pretty color!”

“It will look great with your skin tone, and won’t clash with the dress.”

“What’s it called?”



Regina warned her about many things when it came to the photographer for the shoot today, one of them being his penchant for tardiness. The shoot should have started fifteen minutes prior, but there was still no sign of Mr. Jones. Standing in Louboutins for that long can make any girl cranky.

Emma was about to sit down when the door to the studio flew open.

“Sorry I’m late. Bloody traffic…”

She heard his voice before she even saw his face, and it was mesmerizing; his accent was like music to her ears. Only seconds later, she saw his face…and everything that Regina had told her over and over again left her brain. His messy dark hair fell over his face, but she could still see his piercing icy blue eye peeking through. The scruff along his chin was the perfect length, and he wore a single black diamond in his right ear. He wore a tight black tee, his muscles straining against the fitted cotton, and just as tight (if not tighter) black jeans.

He noticed her, and she felt like the only person in that studio as he sauntered up to her, his eyes raking over her couture-clad body. He held out his ring-adorned hand for her. “Well, they certainly weren’t lying about how absolutely ravishing my model was today.” He took her outstretched hand and lifted it up to his lips, placing a feather-light kiss on her heated skin. It was all Emma could do not to moan out loud. His eyes met hers, and she couldn’t breathe.

“Killian Jones, at your service.”

“Emma,” she squeaked out, “Emma Swan.”

An upturned smiled appeared on the corner of his mouth. “Swans are graceful creatures; that name suits you, love. Now, are you ready to show me what you got?”


After two hours and two wardrobe changes, the photoshoot was nearly done. Emma felt like a princess with all of these expensive gowns she was able to wear. But she hated to admit that her photographer was a huge help.

Killian really knew how to get the best out of Emma. He seemed to know her angle better than she knew them herself, which made for some amazing photographs of the garments. Emma was in her final look, a dress that was a combination of the red dress and the see-through white and black dress she wore afterwards, when Killian took his camera from his face and looked up at her.

“You were incredible, Swan. You sure this is your first big campaign?”

Emma blushed. “Sure is.”

“Well, color me impressed. Now, before we wrap this up, you mind doing a few close-up beauty shots for me?”

Emma was not surprised her asked her this. Regina told her that if he was interested in a model, that he would use that as a way of “weaseling his way into their panties” as she so eloquently put it. And while the thought was very, Emma wasn’t about to be just another notch on this playboy’s belt. “How about I take some of you instead?”

This is obviously not the reaction he expected. “Come again?”

“Well, I mean, you already have so many photos of me on your camera, I think it might be fun to get you in front of the lens for a change.”

Killian’s fingering traced around his jawline as he looked at Emma with a combination of confusion and astonishment. He then handed her his camera and walked over to the screen.

“How do you want me, love?” he asked.

Anywhere as long as you’re naked. She shook her head, berating herself for her thoughts. “Right there is good.”

Emma Swan, camera in hand an decked out in Zuhair Murad couture and Louboutin heels, pressed the camera to her eye, her finger over the button.

“Now,” she yelled, “Strike a pose.”

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I really want a Captain Swan engagement.

No - wait, come back! Let me explain.

I want a CS engagement and this is how I want it to happen. It’s the night after Emma and Killian have had THE TALK. (The ‘whoops, turns out we’re both gay’ talk that I’ve mentioned before.) They’re lying in bed together, because they like the affection and companionship and it’s totally stress free now neither of them feels obliged to add sex to the equation. And Killian persuades Emma that she needs to tell Snow the truth - that Snow is 100% guaranteed to be fine with it.

So they arrange to have lunch with Snow the next day because ‘we’ve got something to tell you’. Only Snow being Snow leaps to all kinds of conclusions, every one of them wrong, and also being Snow decides that this private news she thinks they’re about to give her really needs to be made as public as possible.

Long story short, Emma and Killian turn up at Granny’s to find that Snow’s arranged a surprise engagement party for them. At first they’re too shocked to say anything, and then Killian notices Regina’s ‘I’m going to put on a brave face if it kills me’ expression and the way it morphs into a pained grimace every time he touches Emma and he can’t help himself. How could he resist an opportunity to both fuck with Regina and help Emma get what she wants?

So then he’s ALL OVER Emma and Emma’s too confused to do anything except go along with it and the party finishes and they still haven’t told anyone that they aren’t actually engaged and are in fact both very gay. People have noticed that Emma doesn’t have an engagement ring, though, so Killian tells Regina he needs help picking it out and will she please come with him and for a millisecond she looks totally devastated and then she smiles and says of course because that’s one thing he and Regina have in common - they’d both do anything for Emma.

And so it goes on and Emma thinks it’s ridiculous and she keeps telling Killian they should stop it but he’s determined. He can *see* how this is getting to Regina - even if Emma can’t, even if Emma can’t believe Regina returns her feelings. He knows if he just pushes hard enough Regina will crack, finally grow a pair of ovaries (an expression Henry taught him that he loves) and tell Emma that she loves her.

But Regina doesn’t. Regina goes with Emma to choose her wedding dress, even though she looks like it’s killing her. She arranges the flowers and deals with the caterers without saying a word and Killian’s starting to think that the wedding is going to actually happen and he’ll be the one standing at the altar who’ll have to object to what a stupid bloody idea the whole thing is.

Until, a week before the wedding, they’re talking about what Henry’s going to wear, and Killian (he’s not going to lie - messing with Regina does give him a lot of pleasure) suggests he think Henry should wear a matching version of his pirate outfit.

Regina loses it. Her rant lasts at least 10 minutes and afterwards everyone who was there (most of the wedding party, as it turns out) can’t remember the exact details of what she said. But they all agree it boiled down to three points: you ARE NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN good enough for Emma; nevertheless Emma wants you and Emma deserves to get what she wants; but even if I’m prepared to watch Emma throw herself away on an idiot like you I AM NOT LETTING YOU TURN MY SON INTO A MINI-HOOK.

Finally, and slightly surprisingly, it’s Emma who grows a pair. She walks up to Regina, holds her face and gives another speech whose details will quickly be forgotten but whose thrust is very much ‘I love you, I’ve always loved you, it’s only ever been you.’

Killian’s feeling pretty pleased with himself at this point. But everyone else looks so shocked that he decides he’ll wait a couple of days before suggesting that since the wedding venue’s already booked, they might as well go ahead and use it.

My Heart Is Set On You [AU] (Part 3)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2271

Story line: Ten years had passed since the last time Ashton saw Y/N. He’s no longer on the T-Birds and he isn’t the same boy as before. But destiny has a funny way to work.

AN: Well, this is the last part I will do of this story because I like how I ended it. Hope you all like it and thank you for reading this mini-serie!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Ten years later…


“Hello, Mr. Irwin!” a group of children’s voices shouted. I smiled widely and I waved with excitement. It may sound stupid but I really enjoyed the couple of hours that I spent with those kids teaching them music. Looking back, I never imagined that I would ended up being a music teacher. Maybe it wasn’t the job that fed me (that’s why I had another job, I was a mechanic at Calum’s store) but it was the job I loved.

“Good morning, kids! How are you today?” I said while I leaned against the desk. I observed the class and I saw the familiar faces of the children who had accompanied me for the last two years. But then, I saw the face of a little girl that I never had seen in my whole life but, in a way, it looked familiar. I frowned a little bit while I dred a smile on my face. “And who is this beautiful little girl?” I asked while I approached to her. She blushed a little bit and I giggled. “You had never before been here, right?”, she shook her head. “Okay. So, I’m Ashton but everyone here calls me Mr. Irwin, I don’t know why” I said, shrugging. She laughed and the sound of her laugh reminded me of someone but I didn’t know who. “Now tell me, who are you?”.

“I’m Emma”.

“Hello, Emma. I like you name” I winked at her. “Welcome to my music class, my lady” I bowed to her and she laughed again. “You came in the best day of the week, you know? Because today it’s…”

“Drums’ day!” the kids yelled, excited.

“Yes, it is! Do you know how to play drums, Emma?”, she shook her head. “That’s okay. Do you want to know how to play drums?”, she nodded. “That’s even more okay!” I smiled. “Come here, I’m going to show to you how it works so that way you know the same that your classmates”, she got up from her seat and came where I was in a timid way. “Sit here”, she sat on behind the drumset and I laughed when I saw how small she was compared to the drums. I gave her the drumsticks and she looked at me with confusion. “You can hit the drums with your hands but I recommend you to do it with these sticks because you’re gonna hurt yourself if you don’t use them”.

I spent the following minutes showing Emma how the drums worked. She seemed amazed everytime she hit one of the cymbals and I was amazed by the way those kids adored music. Probably that was the reason why I became a music teacher. Music had helped me in my darkest moments and having the opportunity to teach music to someone gave me, in some way, happiness.

When the class ended, I had a hard time to take the kids outside. None of them wanted to leave the music class and although I wanted to keep showing them things about music, I had to go to my other work. So, after promising a bag of gummy bears for the next music class, they ran outside, ready to meet their parents. I greeted some of them on my way to the car. “Look, mommy, this is Mr. Irwin!” Emma yelled, appearing in front of me and dragging her mom with her. I stopped and I giggled when Emma looked at me with a big smile on her face. Although I was in a hurry, I decided to welcome Emma’s mom but when I looked at her, my heart stopped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Was it even real? Was she even real? By the look of her face, I could say she was thinking the same. It had been so many years since the last time I saw her. I never imagined seeing her again, I was so convinced that I was never going to see her again that I wasn’t prepared for all the things I was feeling at that moment. “He taught me how to play drums, mommy”, Emma said, bringing us back to earth.

“Really, honey?” Y/N finally said, smiling. “That’s amazing. Did you like it?”, she nodded. Y/N looked at me again and she offered me her hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Irwin”.

I hesitated for a few seconds but I finally took her hand and shook it. “Yeah, no problem. See you in a few days, Emma”.

“Bye, Mr. Irwin!” she yelled, excited.

I tried to focus on driving because a lot of thoughts were running through my mind. When I arrived to the store, Calum was there, trying to fix a motorcycle. He was covered by grease and he was very concentrated on the vehicle. But I needed him. I needed to talk to him so I took his screwdriver. “What are you doing!” he half-yelled, looking at me as if I was crazy. Maybe I was because the only thing I had for sure that seeing Y/N was driving me crazy.

“I saw her, Calum. I saw her”.

“Who?” he asked, confused.

“Y/N! She is in town and she has a fu–” I bit my bottom lip. “She has a daughter, Calum”. Calum let himself fall into the ground and covered his face with his two hands. Then, he sighed.

“Man, what were you expecting?” he finally said, sitting up and looking at me with sorrow in his eyes. “I thought you had forgotten her”.

“I thought that too. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to see her again. She left ten years ago”.

“And she moved on, something that you clearly didn’t do”.

“I– You… What?!” I finally said. “Man, I just saw a person who I thought I would never see. I have the right to act like I’m acting”.

“Like a crazy?”.


“Look, Ashton” Calum said while he got up from the ground. “The relationship you had with that girl ruined your life, literally. You spent the following years after she left in a really dark place so please, please” he repeated, “don’t do anything stupid okay? You just saw her, it’s normal that you feel a lot of things but don’t mistake your feelings, okay? Let her life her life. You say it yourself, she has a kid. Who knows what else she has”.

Calum was right. Y/N not only had a kid, she also had a life and I was part of her past. And maybe I was acting a little bit crazy. I let my feelings took over my mind and body. I probably didn’t feel a thing for her, apart of the affection. She was a big part of my life, so it was normal that I felt like I was feeling.

I didn’t see Y/N in the following weeks. I didn’t know if it was because I took my time to get off the class or because she hid on her car. Whatever it was, it was good for me. I was more calm and more sure that all the things I felt when I saw her again was because of the past.

With just over a few weeks before the school year ended, the Principal told us that we had to held a special day for the kids. And that day was the “bring your parents to school”, which was amazing because kids loved it but I wasn’t so sure it was the best for me. I mean, I didn’t care seeing Y/N again but see her with her boyfriend, husband or whatever she had wasn’t what I wanted at that moment. I thought about the idea of saying I was sick but Calum told me that if I tried to do that, he was going to kick my ass. So… I had no choice.

The moment I saw her appearing in the class holding Emma’s hand my world stopped for a few seconds. She was beautiful, she hadn’t changed a bit and that was slowly killing me because it made me think that nothing had changed. She said something to Emma and she approached me. Covertly, I grabbed the desk to release some tension. “Hi, Ashton” she whispered and I found myself making an effort not to grab her face and kiss her like nothing had never happened. God, how could I still love her? How could that be possible? It had been teen years since she left and she still drove me crazy. Every time I was around her, since the very first day, I was a different guy. I wasn’t Ashton Irwin, the leader of the T-Birds (a band that no longer existed, just for the jokes); I only was Ashton Irwin, the guy that after that big argument with his girlfriend, went running to the airport to stop the love of his life. But I arrived too late, the plane had already left.

“Hi” I finally mumbled. We didn’t say anything in the next few seconds.

“Do you think that maybe we can talk? Tonight?” I looked at her surprised but I nodded. “Mary’s dinner, 9 pm?” I smiled slightly. For her, that was the place where she had seen me for the last time.  

“Yeah, sure” I said.

The hours passed painfully slow and because of my impatience, I arrived at Mary’s dinner half an hours earlier than expected. I took some time to calm myself down. I didn’t know why Y/N wanted us to meet and Calum had made me promise I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. He didn’t seem to happy about that encounter but he finally said to me it was my life. I knew he worried about me but he was right, it was my life to live.  “Hi, you’re early”, I turned my head and I saw Y/N approaching the table I was at on.

“Hey, yeah… Sorry?”, she laughed and smiled at me.

“No, it’s fine! I’m just surprised. You never arrived early when we were together. Who are you and what have you done with Ashton Irwin, the leader of the T-Birds?”.

I laughed a little bit and I rubbed the back of my neck while I said: “I’m just Ashton Irwin, music teacher in the mornings and mechanic in the afternoons. What about you?”.

“Oh, me, ha” she said, laughing softly. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, a single mom with a lot of work and a daughter who is madly in love with his music teacher. I wonder who she looks like” her words hurt me more than I expected. Thinking about the time she loved me was painful and he realized that. “Sorry, I just… I guess you’re wondering why I asked you to meet with me. I’ve talked to Calum”.

“What?” I asked, confused. “He didn’t tell me anything”.

“That’s because I asked him not to” I frowned. “My car broke a few weeks ago and I went to Calum’s store and it was a surprise for me seeing him there. And we talked about the past and about you. Well, we talked about you because I couldn’t close my mouth. Since I saw you that day at the school, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And after all that happened, I was really angry at myself for not being able to stop thinking about you. And imagine my surprise when he told me that ten years ago you had run to the airport to stop me and tell me that you wanted to try a distance relationship. Just when I thought you were a total douchebag”.

I couldn’t believe Calum had talked to her and I couldn’t believe he had told her that. “Yeah, well… I wasn’t as punctual as I am now” I tried to joke but even my tone didn’t seem funny.

“You could have called me. You had my number” she mumbled.

“It wouldn’t change a thing, Y/N. And you know that”.

“I loved you, Ashton”.

“You left”.

“I still love you, Ashton”. My eyes widened by the surprise. I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly. “I know that this comes out of the blue but all these years, all this time without you made me realize I should have never left. All I ever wanted was a future with you and I ruined that. Each path I took after that, it was the wrong one”.

“And Emma?”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Emma, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me, but she’s the fruit of a one-night stand” she explained. “Then I found you. Well, she found you and… I couldn’t give up without trying. I love you, Ashton Irwin. I’ve always loved you and I’m pretty sure I would always love you”.  

I started to laugh because I couldn’t believe what was happening. I covered my mouth and I shook my head. Y/N was looking at me confused. “Jeez, you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?”, she bit his bottom lip. “God, I really want to kiss you right now”.

“Then kiss me, Irwin”.

I leaned over the table, I grabbed her face with my hands and I pressed my lips into her. I felt an explosion of feelings inside me and for the first time in a long time, I felt that I was in the right place. “I really think you’re the love of my life” I mumbled into his lips.

“Good, because I think you’re mine” she answered, kissing me again. 


We always knew Colin is a wonderful actor but this season he has surpassed himself. He has showed us all those papers:

Killian Jones

(That stupid smug smile is so much him)

Killian thinking he had a cursed hand

(Look at the way he show his despair and pain)

Killian without his heart (and still over heels for Emma)

(So much love and care for a suposedly heartless man)

And controlled by Rumple

(His face just kills me every time)

(It even look like he is limping)

Colin impersonating Rumple who was impersonating Killian

(He give me chills)

(Rumpel really needs some lessons about Killian)

Captain Hook at his most piratey

(Look at his eyes please: showing us all we need to know)

AU Deckhand/Befuddled Hook

(I can’t help me, he is so adorable for his own good)

OUAT 3x15: Quiet Minds

RIP Neal.

WWOTW didn’t kill Neal.

Neal killed Neal to bring his Papa back.

Outlaw Queen,

Regina’s just so light and giggly and smiley with Robin!

Robin leans in!

Regina sees the tattoo!!!

Regina runs, cus she’s scared of her happy ending. 

Regina wants to be a part of Robin & Roland’s family.

My, how long a week can feel! My babies,

Killian referring to Emma as Neal’s family makes him sad.

Hate to say it, but that Killian is whipped! 

Emma delegating Killian to protect Belle.

Emma keeps watching Killian. Before she ever leaves him, she takes one last look at him. Every time. 

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come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound (1/3)

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my lovely, amazing Elisa. Here is the first part of your fic, as promised, on your birthday, and the rest will follow shortly– promise. I love you to the moon and back a million times, you beautiful human being. I hope your day is as amazing as you are. <3


I remember tears streaming down your face
when I said, “I’ll never let you go”
when all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone”
but all that’s dead and gone and past, tonight.

“Emma, I… command you… to come here.”

David’s words are broken. The hand that he clings to the dagger with is shaking, and it’s all Killian can do just to stand there and watch—helpless, curious, his heart aching with every pulse.

It’s only been one day.

It’s been one day since she whispered a broken “I love you” to him and only him. It’s been one day since she tethered herself to the darkest magic known, only to save those she cares for so deeply. It’s been one day since she disappeared to a location unknown and left a dagger with her name—her beautiful name– now etched into the blade.

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Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with. Cursed!Killian AU

Thanks to @lyriumrebel for editing this with me!

ff.net | ao3 | from the beginning


Chapter 38

Despite the exhaustion she felt once she finally stopped crying, she couldn’t seem to get back to sleep. She’d hoped that being on the Jolly Roger, in Killian’s bed, in his clothes, would be what finally let her sleep through the night, but she hadn’t counted on what would happen once she had the time to think.

She missed him so much. She hadn’t realised how comforting it was to have someone who would listen and reassure her, not until she didn’t have that anymore, although Mary-Margaret tried her hardest.

And it was lying alone on the ship that made it sink in just how much she missed him. During the day, Henry and Mary-Margaret, even David, were always there, but Killian was the one she would have spent the night with. If he remembered, if he still cared for her, she’d have been able to escape the chaos and lose herself in him.

Although they’d only spent a couple of full nights tangled together, that moment, alone in his bed, she’d have given anything to have him back.

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Missing In Action (1/?)

Notes: This is honestly the first thing I’ve ever written. Ever. It’s very short, and mostly just the thoughts I’ve had upstairs needing to be put on paper. I’ve been working on an archive project, and the detective trope interested me. This is an idea I’ve had stewing in my head for a few weeks now. I have no idea where this is going to go. If anywhere, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Keep on the lookout. I’m eala-captian on tumblr. All mistakes are my own..

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fic, but playing with them has become a new favorite pastime.

Special Agent Emma Swan spent her 34th birthday the same way she had for the past three years, pouring over case files in her home. Their home. The home they built together in the small suburb around DC. Sitting her second tumbler full of rum on the counter she picked up one last case file. A file that had been haunting her every thought for almost two years. The picture at the top of the file didn’t do him justice. His hair was shorter than normal and the scruff she had come to love was trimmed and neat. He looked younger in the photo, more carefree than the last time she saw his face. Even that was over the small computer screen in the conference room. Not much closure there.

Killian Jones, Former Special Agent MI6, Served four tours in hot zones with The Royal Navy, Partnership with FBI from United Nations, Highly trained in special ops,Specializing in interrogation and undercover operations.

May 17, 2013

Agent Killian Jones has been successfully planted among the group know as The Dark Ones under alias Hook. This group is know to be linked to a string of kidnappings and human trafficking. Agent Jones reported at 17:00. Next report is scheduled with his handler and partner Emma Swan, Wednesday April,1 2013 at 19:00.

The list of reports went on and on. Until the last one. March 22, 2014. Then contact with Killian stopped. Almost as if he disappeared off the face of the planet.

Slamming the file back down onto the table, Emma picked up her glass and drank. It was what the file didn’t say that hurt her the most. Killian Jones, Husband, Brother, Friend, Partner, loved, missed….The big red letters stamped over the cover tore her apart every time she dare close the file.


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Killing me

Prompt asked by nobodystopscaptainswan

Dark!Emma visits Killian as The Black Swan, asking him to join her in getting her revenge on those who she feels have wronged her. Of coarse, Killian refuses.

Alright, this is the first one… we’ll see how it goes. I really struggled with the Black Swan piece.

Killing me

Lyrics: Killing me, Robbie Williams

I don’t mind the abuse
It fills in time
When I’m not much use
But it’s killing me, killing me slowly

He stood on the deck of his ship, the night entrapping him in his solitude, the wind on his face, the salty sea smell invading his every pore. He waited, as he had waited many nights before, hoping, dreaming. He didn’t know why he kept hoping against hope, dreaming against the nightmares that took place in his every sleep.

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