meikaandspice asked:

Do you ever go to cons in Australia like SMASH or Manifest?

to be honest i’ve only ever been to one con in my life and that was manifest of last year, i just went with some friends to buy things and see stuff

i might go to more cons in the future, but only if i can afford it haha

emmarac replied to your post: Hi, I went to SCA to have my interview for the undergrad print media course today, and I got to see your gorgeous work on display there! I was just wondering what you have thought of your time at SCA in print media, and what you felt you’ve gained from it! :) I’m trying to get a lot of opinions on what the different courses are like, so hearing from you would be great (I’m also applying for NAS and COFA, but i really really like the look of SCA)

Thanks so much for such an in-depth reply! My interview was at 2pm so I don’t think I saw you there. I found the two teachers I talked to in the interview really friendly, are they good teachers in the course? Also, are you applying for honors?

Oh yeah, I swapped at around 1.30 so you probably missed me.

I’m not actually sure which teachers were conducting the interviews this year but everyone’s pretty nice! I think maybe Stuart was? And he follows this blog so I have to be nice ha ha (just kidding, everyone’s great!)
And I didn’t end up applying for honors, actually. While I did enjoy my time at SCA I kind of felt like I should actually get a job and live in the ~real world~ ha ha. Also the thought of writing any more essays left me like uuuuughhhhh, so there’s that. :U