emmanuel velez

so legit,

ive totally been creepin youtube listening to my old music obsession.


(the revamped version, not the ricky martin era.)

ahhh, i forgot how much i loved this band. they were my obsession from like 06’ or 07’. lol. i had every song on my ipod. i knew every lyric of every song they ever recorded, even the leaked ones. 

its sad that i still know all the lyrics even after all this time. that just goes to show how many times i would listen to their songs on a daily basis.

since i’m feeling so generous, here’s a compiled list of every song i have of them. take a listen, give me your thoughts. don’t judge me, i was a little teeny bopper middle school kid, of course i’d love boybands. ;DDD

so these were the songs that were actually released as singles:

More Than Words (A E I O U)-Menudo
Mas Que Amor-Menudo (Spanish Version of More Than Words)

This Christmas-Menudo
Perdido Sin Ti-Menudo (Spanish Version of Lost)

And these were the ones never actually released but they preformed them at their shows:

Save The Day-Menudo
Esperare-Menudo (Spanish Version of Save The Day)
Echo ft Akon-Menudo
Midnight ft. Pitbull-Menudo
Forbidden Love-Menudo 
Volar-Menudo (Spanish Version of Fly)

And these were the leaked songs:

Stop Callin’ Me-Menudo
No Competition-Menudo 
Inside Out-Menudo
Must Be The One- Menudo
Turn It Back-Menudo
I Gave You My Love-Menudo***
On My Brain-Menudo
Cry On Your Pillow- Menudo
You Got Me-Menudo
Fallen Angel-Menudo
Trap Door-Menudo***
Same Cliche-Menudo
My Everything-Menudo
Summer Never Ends-Menudo
The Coldest-Menudo
Eye Candy-Menudo
Hard To Be Faithful-Menudo
Can’t Have You-Menudo
Who U Run 2-Menudo
Gotta Have Her ft. Arcangel, Luny Tunes, & Nicole-Menudo

SIDENOTE:the starred ones are my favorites from the never released.

And now picture:

Left to Right:
Chris Moy, Carlos Olviero, Emmanuel Velez, Jose Bordonada, Monti Montanez

External image

hmm, i miss them together<3333