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Hello, I'm currently designing a project and I'm having trouble responding to the context- the site essentially completes a block of historicist buildings, largely neoclassical and neorenaissance, and I'm not sure how my building should reflect or contrast them. Do you have any examples of contemporary architecture which you think respond really well to historical context in an urban setting?

Below are some recent examples of projects built in a historic context that in my opinion, don’t pander to the style found around the site, but respond respectfully to their surroundings, without sacrificing good design:

Murcia Town Hall Rafael Moneo

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“RATP Bus Centre in Thiais by Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec is located in the southern suburban area of Paris along wide boulevards and roadway interchanges, in an industrial landscape characterised by a succession of boxes. The existing concrete crust that covers the evolution area of the buses is distorted, modeled to cover the administrative center. The building starts with the deformation of the ground and continues it with an apparently similar material, a sheet of ultra high performance concrete, paradoxical and superlative, 3 cm thick displaying a non slippery texture of dots in relief like a game of “LEGO” (24 mm diameter  x 7 mm high, distant  of 12 mm) contributing to a kinetic morphing which responds to very sophisticated demands : informality of the structure, constant evolution of the plans, density, homogeneity, dematerialization, precision, durability towards emphasized constraints. It ensures a continuity of the ground from the road, to the skin of the façades, the suspended ceilings and the terrace rooftop without any rupture, proposing a merging between the building and its support to a point of confusion. The building has neither a beginning nor an end.”