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Aria tapped her sonic screwdriver lightly against her palm as she entered the TARDIS. It had been a somewhat long and tiring day and she’d been given a lot to think about. Heaving a sigh, Aria plopped down into the jump seat, staring at the scanner for a moment before hearing footsteps. She sat bolt upright as she saw a young girl run into the console room. “I…um…hello,” she said, a question in her voice. “Are you…are you lost love?”

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"Yes! She takes me places until mummy and daddy are done being busy." She wrapped her arms around Rose's neck and hugged the blonde. "A bit," she admitted, nodding as she rested her head against Rose's shoulder.

“How does she take you places? She’s not able to walk around with you,” she replied, rocking back and forth. Rose smiled. “Would you like me to go with you somewhere?”