emmaline westlund


A lot of you have seen me talking about a book I’m working on, Albuquerque, which I had originally slated for release later this year (around summer). Well, I’m here today to tell you that at this point Albuquerque is basically dead. I’ve got two drafts, both are very, very different and feature entirely different stories honestly, hell in the one Superfly is only about 11 months younger than Nate and in the other Superfly is 10 and Nate is just shy of 17. One features super powers and the other features normal people reacting to paranormal things that happen. And right now I can’t resolve either storyline to make it workable. 

I’m so very, very sorry to all who are waiting impatiently for Albuquerque to be released, but as of right now it is postponed indefinitely. 


Instead of pushing Albuquerque along and hoping that I can resolve something from the two drafts I currently have, I am going to be working on a different project with the same feel. I will be working on another story inspired by Weird Al.At this point, I have not decided on the title or anything as of yet, as the project is still in early development, but I’m hoping (crossing fingers, toes, eyes, legs, and arms) to have a finished product by around mid-May, to be released roughly at the same time that Albuquerque was supposed to be released. 

I want to thank you all for your continuing support as I continue on with these projects, and I promise that Albuquerque will be out… eventually. But in the meantime, there’ll be a brand new project to get interested in.

Stay weird, guys.