emmaline sterne

Not even seven hours of sleep,
Could tell the sleeplessness we leave.
Eyelids opening and hands,
Twitching underneath our sheets.

Felt like drawing my friend kastiakbc‘s OC Emmaline from her upcoming webcomic, The World You Thought You Knew. I’m so stoked for it, and the world and characters that she’s created looks awesome! Was listening to the song “Judah (Reprise)” by After the Sirens from the playlist she made on spotify for TWYTYK. Go check it!


More original stuff to curb the onslaught of likes from my Homestuck arts.

My OC Emmaline (Emma) from my soon to be re-booted webcomic. This doodle came about when I was trying to hash the details of her character. 

She’s a veeeeeery socially inept girl. It could be due to number of reasons; an rather unfortunate event in her childhood, being homeschooled for most of her life, her overprotective and paranoid father, that her only friend is almost as socially awkward as she is….take your pick. 

She doesn’t really keep up with modern technology: internet, TV and whatnot, which is added to her ineptitude. Her only real link to the outside culture, besides Vincent and school, is the books she reads.

 However, I wanted the selection of books she had in her small library, like almost all the possesions she owns, to be rather antiquated hand-me downs. And most importantly, not having a lot to do with how people act. Nothing that modern or “hip”, things that detail things like love primarily.

Instead of books about human nature, wizards, whirlwind romances of the human and/or paranormal variety, you know, what most girls read (ihalfheartedlyassume) most of the books on her shelf consist of textbooks.

Books about psychology, physics, genetics, astronomy. Also, quite a few manuals on constructing various items, such as rifles, scooters, and watches. So not much on the ways of popular culture and how people interact with each other and express their feelings. A book of poetry by TS Elliot, a few Carl Sagan novels,

The only cultural book she has is a small book on 40’s-50’s slang. And that a term for a good dancer is a Ducky Shincracker.