٩( ๑^ ꇴ^)۶- #FinalFanartFriday


This started the 11/07/16 and we’ll loop the loop the 11/07/17 !

See you the 11 july for moar informations //winky wonk// i’ll reveal the theme, deadline and rules !

that ended too fast, nostalgia is kicking my poor kokoro. It’s time for us to thanks the crew a last time ! If you want to join, Be prepared !٩(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)۶

I redrew a gif i did long ago for  the cringemas, to be in #finalfanartfriday. Finished this right on time, 10 august 17 OOF! I decided to draw them all with their cool new hairstyles! hopefully they keep the same clothes haha.

redraw of this gif from 11 december 2016.
I’m so happy on how this turned out, and also the due date for this event is my birthday so i shouldnt probably go to sleep now instead of posting at midnight :’D I hope you all like ahhh!!! @cheapcookiez

A Sincere Apology

Hey everyone… I’m really ashamed to say it’s time for me to make another apology because… I fucked up again. I’m really trying to be a better person but it’s just not easy and I hope you understand how I’m going to make mistakes along the way.

So recently I got a little hot-headed over a fellow YouTuber doing something I deemed fairly problematic and I called them out for it. Publicly. A lot of people got involved and the situation spiralled out of control and after a lot of backlash I realised how wrong I was to weigh-in on something I had nothing to do with.

Now I’m sure a lot of people already know what I’m talking about but to be clear: I’m apologising for shirtshaming Emma Blackery. Wearing a flannel shirt was completely her decision and it wasn’t my place to try and police that. Even if I do wholeheartedly disagree with the concept of wearing flannel I just can’t in good conscience tell her what to do. It’s not my place and it was unprofessional to try and drag her down. Hell… If I’m being honest, I myself have worn flannel or flannel-like clothing in the past and I guess my self-hatred/guilt was a significant motivating factor for me calling her out.

Anyway, I’d just like to put this issue to bed now and move on. I hope Emma can forgive me but I understand fully if there’s no going back from this.

I’m sorry everyone. I really am.

- Tom

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