my little sister and mum have been up in the loft today getting christmas decs down ready for tomorrow (excited!!) 

about half an hour ago my little sister came into my room and said “do you want to see your 1st birthday card?” i was like “eh?!”.. her and mum had found it in the loft along with some other primary school work of mine. (its weird how i look through pictures i did in class 3 and still remember when i drew them!!)

i thought it was so cute to have kept them! i can actually appreciate my card now! :’)

emmaarr replied to your postYellow :)

im in shock. i never realised that THAT was the reason we stacked cubes.. well, i just watched as i couldnt count to 10 but wow, thats nice :)

Yes, I remember him telling me about it whilst I was helping him stack them in his garden one summer, on that little table he used to prop up. I miss old Tom.