In 1995, Connecticut established a “permit to purchase” law, which required a background check and eight hours of safety training for those seeking to buy a handgun.

Missouri used to have a law like that, too, but repealed it in 2007.

New research shows what happened afterward. Firearm suicide rates fell 15.4 percent in Connecticut — but rose 16.1 percent in Missouri. The study, published in the journal Preventive Medicine, only confirms what other papers have found: Making it harder to access guns correlates with fewer suicides. (x)

You’ve been traded and you’ve been drafted and now it’s time to finalize the rosters.

a continuation of my last follow forever (loosely, you may not be playing for the same team you were traded to or from idk maybe your GM’s made some last minute changes).

Again thank everyone who has followed me recently and has reached out to help me. I’ve had to make a lot of decisions in my life recently but things seem to be getting back on track and that has made me feel a lot more optimistic about the future. You’re all beautiful, lovely people and have impacted my life tremendously. And since i had a fixed number of blogs not everyone i want to be on here is! but i still love you and you’re still super important to me.

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People with “C” or “A” next to them are either captain of assistant captain. and it has nothing to do with whether i like you more than the others or not, just the vibe i get from you andto make it more interactive and funn. Also your team isn’t based off the team you like the most (although sometimes it is) but based on my ridiculous reasoning. With that said if i put you on a team you don’t like it’s not because i hate you and i’m sorry i did my best! 


Left wing — Center — Right Wing

Defensemen — Defensemen


Anaheim Ducks Starting Lineup

americanflagelin “A” — captain-problematicthatchydemko

patricebergiespatricebergys “A”

demdimpleskhudobin “C”

Arizona Coyotes Starting Lineup

marchy-smitty-bergy “C” — blackhawkeyandrewshawshankredemption

bostongirlsofthenhlpatricebergeronandon “A”


Boston Bruins Starting Lineup

marchandmadbruins-babe “A” — massholehackey

baetriots “C”— boston-strong-forever “A”


Buffalo Sabres Starting Lineup

vrtanen “C” — fckyougenojamiebenndover

alexanderkhokhlacheveverything-bruins16 “A”


Calgary Flames Starting Lineup

puckmeyycjohnnyhockeysmom “C” — brandonbolligs “A”

true-bromanticsrecordskips “A”


Carolina Hurricanes Starting Lineup

andrewshawtyteuvo-teravainensboston-hooligan “C”

whodiedandmadeyoulordstanleytruenorthernights “A”


Chicago Blackhawks Starting Lineup

hawkeytime “C” — themutt65chitownhockey

dunkankeithdavidjohnnyoduya “A”


Colorado Avalanche Starting Lineup

icing-on-the-rink “A”— pucksnstripes “A”— goalbuster


lehts-go-stars “C”

Columbus Blue Jackets Starting Lineup

toewsaadsleepysaader “A” — facerollins

troubaa “C” — hilaryknightsgf “A”


Dallas Stars Starting Lineup


aaronekbald “A” — ilovechicago1988 “C”


Detroit Red Wings Starting Lineup

howardssaves “C” — original-6 “A” — krisbryants

mac-n-g “A” — rad-marchand


Edmonton Oilers Starting Lineup

everything-h0ckeyebsnugehallsyconnormcoilers “A”

chirpingboston “C” — meaghan-mikkelson

faschings “A”

Florida Panthers Starting Lineup

jonatantoewsdaletallon “C” — captstevebarnes “A”



LA Kings Starting Lineup

lucicbergeronredemptionforthewarboy “C” — barcabiscotti

nightonmars “A” — fabulouslyprice “A”


Minnesota Wild Starting Lineup


marcoscandellasalotofthingsdifferent “C”

darcythekuemperor “A”

Montreal Canadiens Starting Lineup

hockeyismyreligon “A” — goallagher-galchenpuck “C”— patrickwhah

galchenyum-gallawhorecanadiens-not-canadians “A”


Nashville Predators Starting Lineup

dallaskeuchel “A” — sheatriceisreal “C” — soupyfficial

tkrugrjosi “A”


New Jersey Devils Lineup

officialjackeichelcolberts-report “C”— mad-salty

dunconnsmythe “A”— yanweber


New York Islanders Lineup

bu-bruinsbostonianrhapsody “A”— giggly-bits

bostonsbruin — hawksofwinterfell

pikakate “C”

New York Rangers Lineup

captain-mactruck “A” — stevemosesskingeichel

staalsie “C”— kevin-klein

savebytalbot “A”

Ottawa Senators Lineup

curtisslazar “C”— markosdanosdontpoke-thebear

iloveshinpads65heartbreakbruins “A”


Philadelphia Flyers Lineup

jakediekman “C”— queenschennsaxuallyactive

bliss-baberuthless “A”— d0nt-p0ke-the-bear

timmokimonens “A”

Pittsburgh Penguins Lineup

pouliotdayumpens “A”— bortuzzo “A”

savemecareyprice “C” — allhailthecrosbooty


San Jose Sharks Lineup

cheekymancos “A” — jasonsdemer “C” — jasondenners



St. Louis Blues Lineup

toewsme1988thatshitkrejci “C” — thisismydivision

nik-scherbaks “A”— jordanstaalsmugshot “A”


Tampa Bay Lightning Lineup

kucherovs “A”— thetampabaybandwagon “C”— ballinlikebachmann

provorovsspencerrwatson “A”


Toronto Maple Leafs Lineup

bozaks “A”— holland42mitch-marners

boysfrombostonmo-riddly “C”

jake-perulta “A”

Vancouver Canucks Lineup

fuckbenning “C” — bruinuck “A”— toewsaf

tempe-toews “A” — georgie-rodriguez


Washington Capitals Lineup

michaelslatta — icedcaramellattacaptain-carli “A”

zoyleisreal “C” — headbutt-mutt

lehts-go-stars “A”

Winnipeg Jets Lineup

horseshitfuckingcallcaptainseriouslysexy “A” — bigbootytazer

canadian-eh87 “A” — brianugent

ondrejpav “C”