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Autumn Witch Set for Minifee par Squishdellia

Δεν ειμαι εχθρός του κόσμου,είμαι εραστής του φως μου.Προσπαθώ να του χαρίσω όλα αυτά που δεν του δίνει τώρα πια ο πλούσιος μαλάκας που παντrεύτηκε απλα για τα λεφτά.  

jolly roger-08

What right had the Greek beggar to invade his privacy, to interrupt his first moment of perfect detachment in life? Shouldn’t the old man behave more like a host, being the first person Andreas was meeting on the island? Where was the fabled Greek hospitality he had read about, philoxenia

Dev, with his New Age interpretations, would have accused him of feeling guilty for being voluntarily unemployed and homeless instead of enjoying the newly conquered freedom, and thus having attracted the beggar to spoil his peaceful arrival. 

But Andreas sensibly considered that having stopped at the port for so long – nearly 5 minutes already, perhaps? – had made him an easy pray for scammers. And now he regretted it. Even having just considered sitting at one of the restaurants nearby to drink his first glass of retsina seemed now foolishly romantic.

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