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“Me and Emma Greenwell were thinking that they were gonna take it—I mean she’s a really fun, awesome girl. We would be on set and have all these scenarios of what would happen if we became friends. And we were like ‘what kind of scenes can they show on Showtime if Karen and Mandy are best friends?’”

Laura Slade Wiggins

Laura Slade Wiggins Talks Karen's Fate, Mental Health, and Being Shameless

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Laura Slade Wiggins about her thoughts on Karen’s fate, the importance of telling these stories, and what she’s been up to since being run down by Mandy Milkovich. An absolute sweetheart, her opinions and viewpoints on not only the show, but society and the taboo of eating…

Laura Slade Wiggins Talks Karen’s Fate, Mental Health, and Being Shameless was originally published on ShamelessTV.co