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Emma sempre teve dificuldades para acordar. Sua irmã mais velha geralmente se encarregava de acordá-la (aos berros e até água fria no rosto). Quando foi morar sozinha, teve que se policiar para acordar no horário, mas durante o primeiro semestre da faculdade sempre chegava atrasada na primeira aula. Atualmente, seu  despertador está programado em quatro horários diferentes e Emma está conseguindo se levantar… depois do quarto toque.

list of panry things

this is just a list of panry things, just in case any of you might want to check out.
panry - Henry Mills/Peter Pan from Once Upon A Time

this is when Henry meets curse!Peter, it’s a pretty cute fic, just describes a beginning of something new
Peter needs Henry’s clothes, and he can’t exactly button his pants or his shirt and Henry has to help
Missing scene fic from Lost Girl. How Peter got ahold of Henry’s clothes.
seems like Peter has unresolved sexual tension, he’s trying to stop himself from going for Henry too much, it’s just- argh frustrating for him, like he doesn’t know what to do with himself now that he has Henry
Peter comes back from a fight, bruising, bleeding, Henry tries to heal him and oh god the fluffiness
revolves around Henry, how he felt like he was becoming lost, but the more lost he felt, the more it as like he was being found.
there’s pixie dust involved, there’s true love along with the pixie dust, it is spilled on Henry and fluffiness arises
oh. well. this is sort of- well, sad. sort of heartbreaking. Peter gives choices for Henry even though he knows Henry will choose, but he would choose something else.
oh the fluffiness, basically Peter takes Henry away somewhere in Neverland and they stargaze well isn’t that romantic
Jealousy is not your color, Peter. ehhehehehhee Peter gets jealous when Henry’s with another lost boy, Felix, on Neverland.
nerd!Henry and punk!Peter, with Peter working in a record shop and there comes in adorable little Henry, Henry didn’t expect to find anyone interesting in the shop, let alone cute.
Peter could deny it all he wants, but it’s true and there, with Henry worming in through into his heart, Peter was utterly fucked.
Henry, Emma, Rumple and Hook are going back to Neverland to save Rumple’s daughter, they meet Pan, thinking he’s the one who kidnapped Rumple’s daughter. Basically panry and Hook’s like “Well this has all been very brokeback mountain”
Henry is finally getting rescued! but he doesn’t want to leave
it’s a short fluffy story with Pan meeting Henry for a midnight romance, but dun dUn DUN unexpected guests!
sort of a flashback to how Peter actually started knowing about Henry, and then we moved to the future where he finally has Henry
panry when Henry shares his heart with Peter - slight swan queen maybe
perhaps this is a bit sad, they are separated and trying to reach each other.
(probably will thank dream shade for this aha) Henry gets poisoned by dream shade, the only cure of course, is the magical waters from the spring
warning: character death and this is heartbreaking because Peter doesn’t know what to do anymore, don’t want to spoil a lot, but if you don’t want to get stabbed by a bunch of feels, maybe don’t read this yet
(ahaha, hey, this was a request of mine) Henry is cold and Peter warms him up.
oh this is amazing, Henry and Peter are like the power couple of the school because they are adorable and a definite yes and this has a happy ending!
Peter knows he’s been lying to Henry, he decides to tell him the truth about the heart thing
Hunger Games AU - crossover with Game of Thrones and there is brojen in this, yay, the Hunger Games was supposed to be a mere memory to the Nolan family. but it’s worming it’s way in.
this is set after OUAT 3x11, there is actually implied future Henry and Peter
Henry and Peter are together, aww, but there’s Emma, she’s already starting to let go of the idea that Peter would break Henry’s heart, but then Regina comes to town. Henry has two moms. Meeting the parents. Great. a bit of swan queen in this.
another Henry and Pan sharing a heart, but with true love’s kiss implied in this, and a bit of swan queen
warning: NSFW-shower sex, Henry’s all calm and okay, but Peter’s freaking out, why is he freaking out, he’s had plenty of night afters, but this is Henry’s first.
Emma finds Peter’s boxers. She finds out, questions Henry at breakfast and here comes the awkward conversation.
Felix is sick, Peter handles it and i think this is sort of implied panry? but still sweet
Peter and Henry were fighting. Peter has been arrested so many times, has more scars than he can count, runs the most feared gang on either side of the tracks and he’s breathless in the face of one boy. emotional hurt/comfort i believe
so Wendy is awesome in this i keep acting out her lines haha and Wendy is basically trying to put Henry and Pan together
Emma could see what was growing between Peter and Henry. If Aurora was with them, she’d say that Peter had a look of love in his eyes when he looks at Henry. a bit of Sleeping Warrior
Peter didn’t complete the body switching spell, he and Henry are trapped together in Henry’s mind, then feelings reveal
crossover with Game of Thrones, and brojen is in this as well yay, so Henry is in college, becomes friends with Bran Stark and Jojen Reed, and Emma knows that he still hasn’t moved on from Peter
warning: NSFW-semi public sex, basically it’s the one where Peter’s been neglecting Henry and Henry’s not having it.
sort of Peter’s point of view(?) while with Henry, seeing how Henry changes by personality, towards being on Neverland, towards him.
oh gosh, this is like poetry, sort of Henry’s point of view(?) while on Neverland with Peter, how he changes, how his view of Peter changes
Henry’s point of view, his narration, of his time on Neverland and when Peter tells the truth about the heart thing
this is like a story of legit lost boy!Henry, stories told through chapters, Henry’s becoming more and more of a lost boy
warning: NSFW-probably rape(i don’t even know yet there’s like one chapter and it’s short) That’s just the way Pan likes it- hot, dirty, violent, a tumble the the dirt full of struggling and crying that turns into bucking and moaning.
Peter is failing one of his classes, Henry is being his tutor (still ongoing)
warning: NSFW-bathroom sex, it’s the lost boys christmas party, Henry’s drunk, Peter and him are in the bathroom, soon everyone might hear them.
stripper or prostitute!Peter and art student!Henry, i saw the draft plans of this, oh it’s pretty amazing, but i’m unsure if Peter is a prostitute or stripper in this, maybe both? but this is when Peter notices Henry on the subway ride home.
panry drabbles by Dani
inspired by the song: A Love Like War by All Time Low, Henry is falling in love with his captor. He hates it so much he loves it, Henry’s point of view.
warning: NSFW, Henry’s at college, he’s been gone a while. Peter keeps sulking, and Wendy’s like “no stop that. STOP SULKING.” and they go on a road trip and Peter visits Henry at college.
Henry’s thoughts on their breakup after maintaining a 2 year relationship
What happens when two murderers walk into a cheap motel room and try to kill each other? serial killer!Henry and serial killer!Peter, basically serial killers in love
Felix and Wendy meet in a sandbox, and Henry and Peter meet by that.
kid!Felix is Peter’s son and kid!Wendy is Henry’s little sister and they meet, and Peter and Henry meet and love flies around them like mad.
warning: NSFW another kid!fic, there’s kid!Felix, but Peter is Felix’s guardian, and Henry is Felix’s teacher. Romance will develop!
Whoever said Peter Pan’s story had a happy ending, obviously had never met the guy. (Or, the one where Peter really wants Henry, and Henry just wants everyone to be happy.)
Henry juggling his feelings for his boss, Peter, and he struggles with his moms constantly arguing over him
warning: NSFW-rape so this is on the captain’s quarters scene, Peter can’t take Henry’s heart, then he would take Henry’s innocence instead.
sword training time! Peter will teach Henry how to handle a sword, how to use it.
this is like, Pan’s adoration for the truest believer, everything will be alright in this fic, nothing will hurt.
retelling of that part when Henry puts his heart into Pan’s chest, there’s shock and fluffiness and true love’s kiss!
Henry is getting confident about being saved, it irritates Peter but amuses the lost boys. the lost boys call them Mother and Father, ahahahahha they are so married.
Peter finds Henry hurt, then after healing, feelings may rise, and then an awkward situation encounter. (written by the same author as “Our Little Secret”, so this story is mentioned in it.)
I completely love this and the chapters, and especially Fyre, she breaks the fourth wall or so, and she’s just so entertaining and hilarious. Basically Henry gets taken back home the day after he and Pan had just confessed their feelings for one another, but Henry has the urge to come back on his own will. There are ocs and background stories/flashbacks, the story plot is good. Still continuing.
warning: NSFW-rape
remember that curse Peter wanted to set upon storybrooke? well in this, it happened, and Henry sees Peter as his older brother now. Peter wants to take advantage of that.
warning: NSFW-masturbation
it’s Peter in Henry’s body, in his room and he’s deciding to have some alone time in Henry’s body.
warning: NSFW-bdsm
dom!Peter and sub!Henry have a secret relationship (and Henry is 16 in this)
Peter’s delicious, cheesy and he doesn’t lie and Henry loves him.
Henry’s trying to bake pie and then Pan comes along into the kitchen and finds him.
Henry’s a detective, tired out from two days of paper work, two days. And Peter meets him at home, kisses him, lingering and there’s an appearance of a gun
Henry is a teenager. With needs. He’s dragging Peter out into the woods of Neverland and perhaps, he should’ve thought of a more thorough plan.. (they’re pretty much going to make out)
oOoOOohHh the vampiric tendencies! Henry does save Neverland.. through a different way, he’s saving Neverland, he may be doing this for Neverland and Neverland may love him. But Henry is Peter’s.
kellyandmaxwell’s panry chaptered fic

I know that i’ve seen amazing prompts and AU ideas written by lenreli, rorythedragon and relaxandlove

I know that some of the best gif sets and edits i’ve seen are from lenreli and -panry

there are some fan art by durch-artist and me

there are some videos on youtube, some by me

and there are always new things coming up on the panry tag!

party for two


Adrenaline pulsed through his veins, liquid fire surging through him in bolts of infectious energy. The cheering crowd around him only amplified his high, riding the victory wave as he ran off the pitch with loud chants with the rest of the Gryffindor team. They had annihilated Ravenclaw and the beater was soaring through the clouds, more than ready to celebrate the win the best way that he knew how: alcohol and lots of it. A party had already been planned in one of the empty rooms near the Slytherin dungeons, but Reed was quick to shower and duck out from the masses. He was certain to rejoin them and assured his teammates of such. He just had to make a pitstop first. Knowing better by now than to expect to see her in the crowd, but Reed knew where she would be. Away from all the noise where she could focus on her tedious and never-ending studying. Didn’t she make good enough marks that going to such lengths was unnecessary? Reed didn’t get it. Nor did he often respect her wishes to be left alone, barreling his way into the library and waving at a disgruntled Madam Pince as he buzzed on by the librarian. It was a wonder that there wasn’t a portrait of him posted at the entrance restricting his entry. 

The quiet was punctured by his booming voice. “Vanity, there you are!” he chirped excitedly, as if it was a surprise to find her at a secluded table near the back of the library, surrounded by books, ink, and parchment. “I’m going to just go ahead and assume that you didn’t come to the game because you had enough confidence in me that you were sure that I would win, right?” Reed knew that not to be true, but he continued on with his animated chattering anyway, leaning over the table with a broad grin. That was the trick: talk fast enough that Emma couldn’t get a word in before it was too late and he was dragging her out of there and away from her work. “Well, you’ll be happy to know that your faith in me was warranted. The celebration is about to start, and you know what that means.” He never heeded her personal boundaries, hands moving to close the book that she was holding, beginning to stuff her belongings haphazardly into her bag and tossing it over his shoulder. “Come on, it’s a Saturday night and we both know that you’re bound to get the highest score on that Potions exam come Monday, so a little relaxing can’t hurt, right? It’s good for that big noggin of yours to get some rest.” He playfully knocked on her head lightly with his free hand. 


1. Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?She’s a silver lining, lone ranger riding through an open space” | 2. Imagine Dragons - Believer “First things first I'ma say all the words inside my head: I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been” | 3. Of Monsters and Men - Slow and Steady “I spend my night dancing with my own shadow and it holds me and it never lets me go. I move slow and steady but I feel like a waterfall. Yeah, I move slow and steady past the ones that I used to know.” |  4. Yann Tiersen - Les Jours Tristes “It’s hard but you know it’s worth the fight ‘Cause you know you’ve got the truth on your side. When the accusations fly, hold tight! Don’t be afraid of what they’ll say. Who cares what cowards think? Anyway, they will understand one day, one day.” | 5. The Verve - Lucky ManHappiness, more or less, It’s just a change in me something in my liberty. Oh my, my. Happiness, coming and going, I watch you look at me, watch my fever growing I know just where I am.

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Alice Coachman (far right), the first African-American woman to win a gold medal (1948 London) takes a break and watches the games with fellow athletes, Emma Reed, of Nashville, Tennessee (broad and high jumper) and Nell C. Jackson, of Tuskegee, Alabama, (200 meters and relay. Ms. Coachman, a native of Albany, Georgia, won the gold in the high jump. Photo: Bettman/Corbis

I am saddened to learn that Alice Coachman, the first Black woman to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games (London 1948 for the high jump) died today at the age of 90 near her home in Albany, Georgia. In this photo, Ms. Coachman (far right) takes a break and watches the 1948 London games with fellow athletes Emma Reed, of Nashville, Tennessee (broad and high jumper) and Nell C. Jackson, of Tuskegee, Alabama, (200 meters and relay. Photo: Bettman/Corbis.