This is my view of how 28 years would’ve gone if Emma hadn’t become the Savior;

Emma would never have met Neal/Bae and Henry would definitely be Killian’s no matter how old he is. They wouldn’t know they’re true love. They wouldn’t know they’re true love and so they’d still be insecure about their relationship and have all kinds of fights like they did before. Maybe Rumple sorts them out. Killian and/or Emma would’ve named Henry something like Roger or James, something noble. And it possibly would’ve taken them longer to have Henry. He might not be fourteen; he could be like, seven, maybe younger. Still be smart as a whip though.

Regina would have been put down somehow, locked away in a cage too tight for her to get out of. Given how many times Regina had been given a chance by Snow and Regina never taking it, EQ would probably still be the only person she is. Or she’s going through a redemption arc with no one to help her through it. You realize if Regina didn’t have someone to talk to she would either go back to being evil or she would do something worse since she has no one while being locked in that cage; no sister, no son, no understanding step daughter who pretty much acts like her mother. No friends. Just herself. Well. Cora might still be alive. *erasing the thought* the thought is erased.

Emma would be next in line for the throne so she would’ve learned how to fight, she would know how to command armies as well as be brave. Her parents might’ve taught her to fight or since they didn’t want to fight after trapping Regina they might’ve had her train with a knight or someone they trust. So would Henry but he’d be learning more from his true love parents than from the knight.

If Regina was going to get Emma in this fake logical world, she would probably be faced with surprise she’s out of her jail cell or wherever she’s locked up. And Emma would be ordering her out of the kingdom, refusing to listen to whatever Regina has to say until she teams up with Rumpelstiltskin because Emma learned from her parents that the Evil Queen never wanted to change and is dumbfounded by the woman before her saying she’s her friend but wearing the EQ mask. Possible that Emma would still have her superpower and be able to tell that Regina is telling the truth.

Henry would’ve learned about Regina the evil Queen from his family, and thought he wanted to go sneak out and see her. So when Emma’s doubting her superpower because naught but Killian believes her, Henry would also be backing her up because he’d see the good in Regina too. Emma, Killian and Henry would break the Evil Queen out and she wouldn’t destroy them right off the bat. She might go disappear into the woods, and meet a certain thief. Evil Queen and Robin Hood falling in love, maybe this is where the EQ/Regina/Robin love triangle from Regina’s dream comes into play.

Rumple would still be trying to get to Bae, Belle would still be locked up and Rumplestiltskin wouldn’t know she’s alive. They wouldn’t ever have reunited, gotten married or had Gideon. Maybe Belle would’ve gotten rescued by Aladdin somehow and they go off and save Agrabah with Jasmine, then Belle comes back and Rumpelstiltskin is so happy she’s alive he begins to become good because she kisses him again. Who says true love’s kiss only works once? I really wanted to see a non-magical Rumple be with Belle and see how normal he could be after however many years he’s been the DO. If he dons the peasant clothing and has the walking stick or if he’s used to dressing like the DO so he stays in the leather pants. Jasmine would probably let herself be with Aladdin now that her kingdom is safe, and they’d be off having babies. Or they’d be joining kingdoms with Mist Haven because Aladdin teaches Emma and Henry other ways to fight and how to be a thief. Either way Aladdin and Jasmine would end up together.

Granny would be dead or not able to be the tough-as-nails werewolf anymore. Ruby would’ve still left everyone, comes back to take care of Granny before she dies, but it would’ve possibly been longer for Ruby to find Dorothy. Zelena would be able to keep the two apart for longer; they’d still be doubting their true love even with the kiss. Ruby would be backing Queen Snow up about anything, and trying to convince Emma not to go breaking the evil queen out and be terrified when the news gets to her. Without the Evil Queen redemption, pretty sure almost no one in the kingdom would believe in second chances. Not even Rumple though he has Belle. Rumple would be the one making everyone believe in second chances.

The dwarves would be older, but there isn’t any myths about them dying, right? They’d still be around but they’d be unable to be the guard for the royal couple, they’d just be enjoying retirement.

I don’t know where Zelena would be, but she would still have met Hades. She still wouldn’t believe that Hades actually loved her. Her daughter wouldn’t be around and she wouldn’t care about children, possibly if she ever did. And hey now, Hades would still be alive. No one would know about the old gods.

Abigail and Fredrick’s relationship only became a question after the curse. They’d still be together. Possibly one of their children would be affecting something, like would be a bad guy or helping Aladdin and Jasmine, something. So everything that happened up until the curse would’ve still happened, things just wouldn’t have ever gone to Storybrooke, and not even Henry or Emma would know about it.

I don’t know about Frankenstein, I’m sure he’d still be trying to bring his brother back and (sorry) failing.

If anyone else has better theories about any of the characters, feel free to include them.


The one thing I do believe as a feminist is that in order for us to have gender equality we have to stop making it a girl fight and we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls trying to tear each other down – it has to be more about cheering each other on as women.” 

Taylor being completely happy living her life with her friends in 2014.