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Me whenever I think of Millard Nullings:

Had to share this stunning photo of ‘Loving’s’ Ruth Negga by Annie Leibovtiz for the cover of the Hollywood issue of 'Vanity Fair.'  Although surrounded by ten other beautiful and talented actresses, Ruth draws all eyes in her spectacular gold gown. Wishing her well in the run-up to the Oscars.


Lea Michele’s Twitter and Instagram pictures of 2016

  • Killian: Remember who you are.
  • Emma: Aww :) I love you
  • Emma: .... wait... did you get that from Mufasa?
  • Killian: What?
  • Emma: Mufasa. Is he here? Oh god, is the rest of the Lion King here? I need to meet them! Man, Lion King was my fave as a kid!
  • Killian: ....
  • Emma: I need to see what Simba looks like as a human! I've always wondered, and then there was that weird animated lion crush...
  • Killian: Wait, what?
  • Emma: ... ummm, nothing....