cs drabble: unapologetic captain cobra fluff

Summary: Killian overhears Henry call him Dad. Father’s Day fluff, yo

The car was freezing when he got into it, the leather of Emma’s bug absolutely frigid underneath his legs. Killian blew into his hands several times to warm them, stamping his feet against the floor and cursing under his breath. It’d probably serve to just walk to the loft, but bugger it all, Swan had not prepared him for how bloody cold Maine could get, and driving seemed a decent alternative.

He’d adjusted well enough to living here - had even allowed for Emma to add a few items to his wardrobe and teach him how to drive - and he thought he looked rather dashing driving around town in his plaid and leather jackets. David had taken to calling he and Emma the “checkered comrades” and despite the fact that the nickname was ruining his “street cred” - as Henry had called it - Killian really liked the fact that everyone could tell that he and Swan were together.

Starting the car and giving the engine a playful rev - he could picture Emma rolling her eyes -  Killian pulled onto the road. He and Emma and Henry lived by the docks, a suggestion provided by the lad the minute he’d learned of Hook’s relationship with his mother. Just as perceptive as Emma, Killian thought, if not more.

Never had he believed domestic bliss was a state of mind he’d find himself in, but here he was, happily driving to the loft to pick up Henry so they could all make dinner together and then ride out on the water to end the evening. Grumpy once mentioned their relationship was so sweet it bordered on nauseating, and long ago, Killian knew he would have said something similar.

But now? He wouldn’t trade it for the world.

He parked in the driveway, perhaps with a little bit more embellishment than might be necessary. The bug certainly wasn’t the Jolly Roger, but she made up for it in her own ways.

As he climbed the stairs, he could hear Henry and David laughing, Snow’s voice slightly muffled in the background as she cooed at baby Neal. Something twisted in his chest as he listened to them, this ridiculous family with their penchant for optimism and overabundance of hope. It still had the capability to take his breath away when he remembered he was a part of it, too.

He was about to knock but Henry’s voice made him pause.

“…yeah, Dad was thinking about taking me out on the water this weekend. Mom said she was fine with it as long as she got to come along.”

David chuckled and Snow’s voice called over to them. “Your mother certainly has taken to water ever since she met Killian.”

The fact that Henry had just referred to him as his father had not escaped Killian’s notice, nor had the absolute familiarity in which he’d said it. It was as though he called him this regularly over at the loft, because neither of the Charmings made any mention of it. He’d never thought anyone would ever refer to him as “Dad” and to hear Henry say it so casually was nothing short of overwhelming.

Gods, he was beginning to see what Leroy was on about. If he dwelled on this new development for much longer, he might start crying.

Killian knocked on the door before letting himself in. Henry smiled brightly before asking, “Boat time?”

“Aye, lad. It’s about time we got you out on the water.”

“Sweet! Just gotta grab my stuff and then we can go!”

Packed and ready to go, Henry and Killian said their goodbyes to the Charmings and made their way down to the bug. As they buckled themselves in, Henry looked at him and asked, “Do you mind if I call you Dad? Mom said I should ask.”

“Lad, I’d be honored if you did.” Ruffling the boy’s hair, Killian smiled broadly, and could barely recall feeling happier.

End Notes: Totally cranked this out in like fifteen minutes, so it’s not the best but it was in my head all day. I know it’s canon to call the baby Neal, but it kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. I refer to him as Leo in my head.