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Did anyone else just LOVE this show when they were a kid? I was so excited to find it on Netflix a few years back. I love mermaids, and so this show really did it for me. I think Cleo was my favourite character when I was a kid, but now that I’m older I find I really enjoy Rikki’s character. 

The prompt for today was Full Moon Folies, and I knew I didn’t really want to do werewolves, (because probably most people would do werewolves) but that these girls would be a fantastic pick instead. 

The Surfing Mermaid

Summary: An afternoon of surfing turns into you being stranded at Mako Island. But Mako isn’t any island – it’s magical. And so, you become a mermaid. But will you have to be alone with your secret forever?

Requested by the lovely @justnovvak

Words: 1,077

The sun shone bright and the water splashed in your face as you surfed on the waves around Mako Island. You had just moved to the Gold Coast and one of its many perks was the amazing waves. Especially the ones around Mako. Surfing made all of your worries disappear. But that was just until you went back to you boat in order to get home.

It did not start.

No matter how hard you tried, nothing happened.

Y/N: Dammit.

You searched for your mobile phone but there was no signal. That was when your heart began beating faster – how would you ever get away from an island where no one went if no one even knew that you were there? ‘Stop’ you said to yourself. ‘You have to stay calm and be smart’.

As you turned towards the island, and idea hit you – you had to get higher in order to receive a signal.

After hours of walking upwards, you still had no signal. The sun was beginning to set and you could no longer fight the bad thoughts. You would probably die out here in the wild all alone, your dead body being eaten by weird animals.

Just when you did not think it could get any worse, you came to a stream which you had to pass. You tried to walk carefully but the rocks were slippery and suddenly, with a scream, you fell down a hole.

It was dark down there and this time it felt like your heart was about to jump out of your chest. There was no use in trying to get up – however, that did not hit you before you had tried multiple times anyway. You realized that you only had one choice; you had to go deeper into wherever it was that you were.

You came to a light blue pool and noticed that you were in the middle of an apparently sleeping volcano. It looked beautiful. However, what you noticed was not its beauty. It was the rings in the water. ‘There must be an entry out to the ocean then’, you thought, sending a mental thank you note to your old teachers.

Before going into the water, you took one last look at your mobile. And to your great surprise, there was signal! You quickly sent a message to your dead and the life guard on the Gold Coast, asking them to send help. When it was sent, you jumped straight into the water.

The second you hit the water, small bubbles began surrounding you. At first you thought it was the result of your jump but they continued. When you reached the surface, you were taken back by the many water and light bubbles that were around you, trying to reach the full moon that was just above the water.

Y/N: Wauw.

Everything seemed like… magic. But you knew that you had to get out of there, so you took a deep breath and swam your way out of the volcano’s magical pool.

The first time you went surfing after the incident was the time you figured out what had really happened – or, more precisely, when you went out to the water and your legs turned into a huge tail filled with orange scales. You had become a mermaid. Despite it being new and exciting, it also made you terrified – what if anyone found out?

You isolated yourself more and more, feeling alone in a town that you had only lived in for a few weeks. The fact that you could no longer do your favorite thing in the world, surfing, made everything even more difficult. You were beginning to wonder if you would ever get a friend again. But one day, everything changed once again.

You had swum to Make Island, looking at the corals and swimming with the dolphins along the way. When you were taking a break in the Moon Pool, something weird began happening in the water – and forward came three girls.

Or rather, three mermaids.

Rikki: Who are you?

Due to your surprise, you could not answer the blond girl. Then she raised her hand. You had no idea what she wanted to do but before anything happened, the other blond girl placed her hand on hers.

Emma: Rikki don’t.

Finally, you were able to speak.

Y/N: You’re… you’re mermaids.

The brunette slowly came closer to you, a smile on her face.

Cleo: Yes. And so are you apparently. What’s your name?

Y/N: Y/N.

Cleo: I’m Cleo and these are my friends Emma and Rikki.

Emma softened a bit but the other girl, Rikki, seemed like she was preparing herself for a fight.

Emma: Did you become a mermaid here as well?

You nodded and told them your story – a story which was apparently a lot like theirs.

Cleo: So you’ve been alone with your secrets for weeks now?

Y/N: Yeah. I did not know if I could tell anyone. Plus, because I just moved her, I don’t really have anyone to tell it to anyways.

Emma: That must be lonely.

Y/N: It is.

Cleo: Well, now you have us. And we’ll be happy to tell you everything about being a mermaid, right girls?

Emma nodded but Rikki still looked like someone who would much rather be anywhere but here.

Emma: Have you discovered your power yet?

You frowned.

Y/N: My power? What do you mean?

Finally, Rikki spoke, smirking.

Rikki: Watch.

She nodded to Cleo who made a few swifts with her hand. Suddenly, some of the water formed into a bubble, flying above the girls. Then Emma made one swift with her hand and the bubble turned to ice. Before it fell, Rikki raised her hand again and the bubble melted into water once again.

You were astonished.

Y/N: Okay, you have to teach me how to do that.

The girls laughed and Rikki gave you a look of approval.

Rikki: Maybe you’re not that bad anyways.

Y/N: I’m pretty sure I can beat you guys on the way back.

Rikki and Emma: You’re on!

You heard Cleo crying a ‘wait for me’ as you swam underneath the surface, quickly swimming your back with Emma and Rikki next to you. Despite the water in your face, a smile never left your face. Finally, you were no longer alone. Your fairytale had truly begun and you could not wait to see where it would take you.