Emma leaps out into the hallway her cape billowing out behind her, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Super Emma!” 

Henry laughs before stepping out, “Wait you’re superman too?” 

“I’m Super Emma,” she corrects as she gives her son’s superman costume an approving nod. “We match. It’s cute.” 

Henry rolls his eyes, “It’s a Halloween party Ma.” 

“A costume one, now come on let’s go see what your Mom and sister are dressed as.” 

They walk downstairs to see Regina in a Super Girl costume spinning a Super Baby around and pretending she’s flying. Lucy giggles as she whirls slowly around the room, her little fists flailing in excitement as Regina beams brightly at their little baby girl. 

Emma smiles down at them before turning to Henry, “I don’t care that it’s Halloween because that is pretty damn cute.”

May 16th 1996 – Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The Girls filmed their second TV appearance, this time for Hotel Babylon, a late-night music show hosted by Dani Behr. It was recorded in a beautiful old manor house in Aylesbury

Emma stretches and yawns as she wakes up. She reaches across the bed only to hit empty space. Emma frowns in confusion as she opens her eyes to see no Regina beside her.

She rolls over and grabs her phone eyes widening when she sees that it’s gone nine. She can’t remember the last time she slept so late.

Emma reaches for her bathrobe before walking into each of their kid’s rooms only to find them all empty too.

With a puzzled frown she pads down the stairs, her frown lifting as she hears laughter.

She walks into the kitchen and grins. Henry is making coffee and juice as Regina alternates between flipping pancakes and tickling their baby girl.

Emma doesn’t say anything at first content to watch her dream play out. This is all she ever wanted and watching them giggling and trying to surprise her she knows she’s home.


17 year old Manuela Lopez was recently in a terrible car accident that resulted in getting one of her legs amputated. We ask everyone to help and support her and her family in this desperate time of need. Just about a month ago she gave birth to her baby girl Emma. Please help and spread the word so we can reach our goal! 


My Most Fave Music Videos Ever

14. Emma Bunton - Maybe