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This whole Beauty and the Beast (2017) and ‘corset burning’ Emma Watson nonsense has me thinking about Titanic (1997), particularly Rose Dewitt Bukater and her costumes.

There is a scene where, metaphorically and literally, she is being suffocated/tied down by the tightening of her corset/her mother’s and society’s expectations, and then after she chooses Jack, she wears her water dress (which doesn’t have a corset iirc.)

Titanic came out 20!!!!!! years ago and Kate’s Rose still feels more modern (not to mention more lively and 3 dimensional) than Emma’s Belle, because while Rose smoke, drank, swore, liked Picasso and also did things that made her Not Like Other Girls, those actions didn’t define her as a character nor did they define how strong/feminist she was.

Also, Kate Winslet was running around in the water for half the film, and that dress was still gorgeous? There is no reason why Belle’s iconic dress, even with no corset, had to look like the unfortunate clearance rack prom dress that it is.

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I'm reading all the stuff about alteans coming to earth and I have an idea. What if shapeshifting on altea was a hereditary trait only passed on through certain lines. It was almost two different species especially in the treatment of the non-shifters, them being given lesser jobs and such until eventually the non-shifter breed left altea, wether by choice or by force, mated with human ancestors, and created modern humans

yooooo that’s a wicked concept!! i love it :D

When people make metas about Henry and act like Regina was this wonderful perfect mother that just happened to turn out to be the Evil Queen and that’s all there was to it - as well as claim that Emma forced herself into his life after giving him up - I just want to sort of grab them, shake them, and tell them “WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING EXACTLY!? HAVE YOU DRUNK THE LANA COOLAID!?

Like… So many things wrong with that basis of thought that I can’t even right now.

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I don’t know if I hate this or love this. I’ll just tag my “rulers”.

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OUAT: Something goes wrong for someone, probably Regina or Rumple


Me: … What?


I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way than this: 

where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

-Sonnet XVII, Pablo Neruda

A Rant

Dear non Captain Swan shippers,

You are free to have your opinions but please stop calling the show, specially this season, “ Once Upon A Captain Swan” just because of those two sneak peeks. I actually went and calculated captain swan scenes from this season( wether it was an actual interaction between them or them just standing next to each other) and the answers were:

-Episode one = almost 6 minutes
-Episode two= almost 11 minutes
-Episode three= almost 7 minutes
-Episode four=Almost 7 minutes
-Episode five= 1:30 minutes

So let’s do some basic math here:

6+11+7+7+1.5= 32.5

32.5/5= 6.5

So the regular screen time is 6.5 minutes.

How long is one episode again? 40 minutes?

Fine subtract 6.5, no, subtract 7 from 40 and what do you have? 33 minutes.

33 minutes of the other fucking characters.

33 minutes of no captain swan.

33 minutes that you were obviously not paying attention to.

OUAT nonsense

I keep seeing interviews and media claiming that Emma is Regina’s best friend. Is it just me, or is that something that doesn’t ring true? Regina confides in Snow way more than she does Emma. She has a history with Snow that Emma can’t touch. I’m not trying to denigrate the Regina/Emma relationship, which I think can be very important, but I don’t see much evidence onscreen that Emma is a person that Regina relies on to confront ugly truths…such as  her feelings for Robin in the wake of Marian’s return and eventual freezing, or her fear about Daniel in the underworld. Or, you know, the fact that she doesn’t know how to dance at a royal ball. 

They are co-parents, absolutely, and they have a shared bond with the curse of magic. But Regina doesn’t spill her guts to Emma, or annoy her simply because she can, like she does with Snow. I feel like a lot of the Emma/Regina best friends story is manufactured by PR, not told by the story of the show. Whereas the Snow/Regina moments on the show are driven by a shared sense of past and a shared sense of family. Can you point out to me anything that Emma and Regina have shared that bore more weight than the conversation that Snow and Regina had at the end of Bleeding Through?

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way right now, because it apparently needs stating.

Love is not finite.

Love is not something you can ever run out of.

Love is not something that can be used up with none left over for something or someone else.

Love is constant, love is all-encompassing, love is shared, love grows (where my Rosemary goes).

Love is infinite.

So can we please stop all this nonsense about “Emma doesn’t love Henry” and “Emma doesn’t love her parents” just because she said she’s doing whatever she’s planning on doing as the Dark One for Killian?

Because love for her romantic partner and love for her family are not mutually exclusive. That’s not how love works.

Okay but like, there are two tables in Emma Swan’s new house, and there are only two chairs at each table.

And I can’t fully explain why this makes me sad. But it does, especially cause there’s clearly space at each table for more. It makes her seem more alone and isolated; her home more empty. I don’t like it.

Evil Anonymous

Spoilers for 4x12. Ridiculousness abounds.

“This was a terrible idea.” Regina paces around the small circle of folding chairs in the Town Hall’s smaller event space, down at basement level. “For a start, any lingering do-gooders could wipe us all out in one fell swoop.”

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I hope Emma actually does say the “Dark One out” line (sounds like something she’d say on a walkie to Henry or David, if so?).

I like the idea of everyone biting their nails and expecting scary villain Emma dressed in a crazy outfit, and she shows up totally normal, like, “Hey guys!” 

(And everyone’s walking on eggshells while she just tries to resume her normal duties, like sheriffing and joking about her Dark Oneiness to her very unamused family and getting her lust-slaking on with her hot adorably concerned pirate boyfriend. And she doesn’t get why everyone’s side-eying her all the time and they seriously need to lighten up because ‘seriously? we have more important things to worry about and anyway why doesn’t everyone realize how awesome this is? I’m still the Savior and it’s even better because no one can stop me or hurt anyone because I’m the fucking DARK ONE. I’m unstoppable.’)

(And maybe Killian and David and Snow and Henry can see the light in her eyes burn a little less bright, and maybe she tries to dissuade them from trying to ‘help’ her because she finds herself liking the power a lot little bit. Maybe she can’t see what’s happening. Maybe she can, and she doesn’t care.)

(Because that Emma who begged them to find a way to save her?  The Emma who sacrificed her own soul and her happiness for others?  And who always got hurt, who couldn’t enjoy one day of peace without some witch or ice queen or snow monster from fucking everything up, who was scared (too scared to admit love until it was too late), and weak, and flawed, and troubled? THAT Emma? Oh, baby. That Emma is gone, gone, gone, and good riddance.)

I don’t want to see VILLIAN-DUN-DUN-DUN!Emma. I want to see our Emma struggling and fighting like any human being would against the corruption of the Dark One’s essence. It will make her triumph (with her loved ones’ help) that much more beautiful.

Am I reading things right? Are people actually upset that it appears as if Dark One Emma is getting herself a house? (I say “appears as if” because nothing is actually set in stone until the episodes air.)

Are they forgetting the 300 freakin’ years Dark One Rumple lived in a freakin’ castle? Or how he has a really nice house in Storybrooke that we’ve actually seen? Or how he basically owned half the town under the Curse? Or how he owns a pawn shop that still has things he swindled from people during his wheeling and dealing in the Enchanted Forest?

And are they forgetting that Emma grew up with literally just a baby blanket? Or that she’s been sharing a loft bedroom with her son since the Curse broke? Or how she’s living in a tiny apartment with her mother, father, baby brother, and son? And apparently Elsa for a little while, too?

Are they really going to complain that the character who had nothing, whose entire worldly possessions fit into a bankers box when she moved into town, now has gotten herself a house? Really?


You go, Dark Emma. The least you could get out of taking on the darkness to save the freakin’ world is a kickass house.

So let's see...

As a child, Emma has been:

- left to believe that her parents abandoned her on the side of a freeway

- abandoned by the only family she ever knew at the age of three because they were having another kid

- thrown into various foster homes where she was treated as nothing more than a source of income, ignored, and often starved

- betrayed by someone who she believed loved her, when he sent her to jail for his crimes and pregnant with his baby

- shackled to a hospital bed to give birth to a baby she didn’t even let herself look at because she believed she had to put him up for adoption because she wasn’t good enough for him and couldn’t be a mother

Then after that, Emma

- spent the next ten years alone and not letting herself trust anyone after that betrayal

- was found by the son she loved so much that she gave him up, only to learn that he was miserable and being raised by a sociopath

- actually let herself start to love someone only to have him die in her arms

And yet through all of that, she managed to remain a fundamentally good–if emotionally closed-off–person. But now, suddenly, we’re supposed to believe that three villains stroll into town and she’s seriously tempted by the “dark side”?