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Or: the one where everybody joins kosegruppa because of their crush


Okay, I know you’re thinking, “What is this? Kid spends a few days in the hospital and all his problems are cured?” But I’m not. I know I’m not. I can tell this is just the beginning. I still need to face my homework, my school, my friends. My dad. But the difference between today and last Saturday is that for the first time in a while, I can look forward to the things I want to do in my life.

Legit how I felt watching Fitz call out Aida

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I honestly had doubts as to whether we’d actually go down this path given that nothing in 4x20 happened how I’d expected (Isn’t it just the best when the stuff that’s on your radar as ‘worst case/craziest scenario’ actually happens? The life story of this show honestly). But anyway, I feel like while Fitz might not have it in him to take her out now she’s a human, he’s got zero time for her manipulative bullshit anymore and that’s what I’ve spent that last 5 episodes waiting for

Also, I can’t wait till Jemma learns she was dead in the Framework because Aida wanted to meet Fitz at the Academy in her place. I can hear the Kill Bill sirens in the distance already.

when i wander into the emma frost tag and start missing my girl so much


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Member - Hoseok x reader

Genre - Angst, Fluff, (future) smut

Word count - 5.5K

Summary - On the occasion of your best friends wedding and high school reunion, you happened to meet once again, one of the richest heirs of the country, famous fuckboy Jung Hoseok.

While the world saw him as a cocky arrogant person and you, as a confident, strong woman, only the two of you knew the scars that were hidden, and things you both were unable to fix.

Only the two of you could see right through each others facade.

But could you and Hoseok finally break the gyves holding you back? Or were you the ones who shackled each other in the first place?

[A/N] - forgive me for the errors oops. I shall edit it in about a weeks time.

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Winter 2010

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got another opalized ammonite to keep my other one company, a chunk of rose quartz because i don’t believe i have one in my collection of minerals, and earrings that i’m naming huginn and muninn (how appropriate that they’ll dangle from my ears! i wonder if they’ll whisper secrets to me)

Save Me - Chapter 22

Being such a small venue, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house, well, if there were seats. As we were walking towards the side stage, I overheard a few security personnel complaining that Jared had the entire venue cleared of all tables and chairs ; and they were not happy about it at all. Apparently, Jared told the House of Blues staff he wanted it standing room only which sounds like it’s rarely a request from the bands that play there. I laughed to myself when the guard said Jared was the most difficult artist he’s ever had to deal with. Apparently that runs into his personal life as well since I’m getting the feeling, he will end up being the most difficult person in my life too.

Emma directed us to the side stage and as I walked up and saw the drums, I realized we were on Shannon’s side which would be the opposite of everyone else. Perfect. This was beyond special treatment and if those fangirls saw us here, it might not be good. Should I care about what they think, no, I shouldn’t. I just didn’t want any confrontations which based on their behavior so far, I thought might be a possibility.

“Emma, are you sure we’re supposed to be here? Last night we were with the other side with the VIP ticket holders..” I asked

“I do as I’m told and Jared asked that you be on this side. It’s cool, you guys will get to see them better and this is where he’ll walk on stage. When I’m done, I’ll come over here too.” Emma said

Lily was in her glory. As Shannon started to move towards his drum kit, he walked past her, ruffling her hair. It was cute to watch her just melt. She was in awe being so close to him as he began to play the first part of ‘Escape’. Actually, we all were. From this side you saw all the inner workings of the techs and sound then could watch it all come together in front of your eyes.

Jared was slowing making towards us too. Right on que, he began singing the first few cords as he walked to stage coming up right behind me.

“Time to escape, the clutches of a name.
No this is not a game,
it’s just a new beginning..”

I was unnerved as soon as I could feel his presence behind me. As he sang, he grabbed a handful of my shirt, pulling me into him. From where we were no one could see what he was doing, he did that solely for me. I can’t deny it and as much as I know I shouldn’t, I hoped he was right and this was the beginning…

The show was fantastic, so much more intimate and personal than any show I’ve ever been to thanks to such a small space. For that reason, it was so much better than last night’s show, I thought. It seemed like Jared was enjoying the more personal interaction just as much as his audience. He was running around the entire time and even walked on the bar top that circled the pit area.

Sadly, the girls that were gossiping earlier seemed to be paying more attention to me than the concert. Once we were inevitably spotted, which I somewhat expected as we stood the on the opposite side of everyone else, the finger pointing was obvious. I can’t even imagine what rumors they’re spreading. At this point, all I can hope for is that we don’t run into them outside the venue when we leave.

Time flew by and before we realized it, the last notes of Kings and Queens echoed through the speakers. Shannon went to walk out onto the stage to toss his drum sticks and grabbed Lily and Paige’s hands as he passed by. He then saw Mackenzie and yelled for her to follow. It was so sweet of him to let them help and you could see how excited they were, especially Lily who literally bounced down the stage with him.

Jared passed us as he walked off stage first, yanking my arm so I would follow him. I’m sure it wasn’t his intention to practically pull my arm out of its socket but he was moving fast. I pulled back pointing towards the girls who I couldn’t just leave by themselves.

“Jared, NO.” I said pulling harder because he wasn’t slowing down, he was determined.

Just as I was about to start getting angry, I saw Emma stop and stand by the edge of the stage waiting for the girls as they walked off with Shannon. She waved for me to go and I assumed she’d bring them back to Jared’s dressing room once the stage was cleared…or however long Jared told her to wait. I’m learning with him, you can never be sure what was planned and what was spontaneous.

Jared kept moving quickly down the hall to his dressing room without saying a single word or even glancing in my direction. He almost seemed mad and I couldn’t figure out what I had done. Was he still upset over our last conversation?

Within minutes we were at the door with him pushing it open only to slam it closed again. Standing in front of me, completely straight faced, he grabbed the tops of my arms and roughly pushed me up against the door.

Leaning his entire sweat soaked body against mine he slid his hands from my arms up into my hair, holding my head in place as his lips descended onto mine for a punishing kiss. Pushing one of my arms through the wide armhole of his shirt to snake up his back, the other I wrapped tightly around his waist.

Pulling back slightly he said “It won’t take me long here to finish up. I know you have the girls but I want to come over tonight, okay? I meant what I said earlier.”

Moving to kiss me again, I parted my lips, opening to him as he caressed my tongue with his. Pulling his lips from mine he said “Answer me…” He whispered.

“Yes…I’m sorry, yes, come over.” I could barely get the words out. I was to wrapped up in him.

He was still kissing me he began to pull his body away from mine, “I’m sorry I yanked you down the hallway like I did.” He said as he kissed me again… “I just needed to taste you again before you left.”


I don’t mind watching Emma at her lowest point in life. I don’t mind seeing her be in a toxic relationship, and I don’t mind seeing her struggle. I don’t mind because I believe it is written like that intentionally. 

What I do mind is people telling me that where Emma is now, is goals. That a woman has reached the peak of her life when she has become a shadow of herself, when she doesn’t smile as freely or as often. When she feels so bad about herself that she accepts being treated poorly. 

Emma is at rock bottom right now. “The Empire Strikes Back”. This is the lowest point.

Emma Swan deserves better. Emma Swan needs to realize that she deserves better. 

I don’t mind Emma’s personal journey. I mind being told her journey is over.