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I completely agree with you. Ppl keep saying that "it doesn't seem like Emma to get married, florals, or dresses" and I'm like but you see the Emma in season 1 had a tough exterior to protect herself not because that's how she is. I believe the Emma now is the real Emma who was underneath all that hurt and high walls.


Also people are more than just one thing, we are multi-dimensional and our clothes reflect that.

In my opinion having a tough exterior because she grew up alone, unloved and unwanted doesn’t mean Emma has to make fashion choice that look like armor for the rest of her life.  She doesn’t need that armor with Killian.

Some fans want to pigeon hole characters, or they project their own issues and desires onto the character, that’s fine, but the Emma Swan I see deserves to have a wedding with all the trimmings and to walk down an aisle and be a beautiful bride.

(She also deserves to be proposed to and that’s why I hope it is Killian who gets a chance to ask.)

Emma Watson attends British Harper’s Bazaar‘s Women of the Year awards in London, 31 October 2016.

Emma Watson has a Disney princess moment in Dior:

“Much has been said about the feminist inspirations behind Maria Grazia Chiuri’s debut for Christian Dior, so who better to step out in one of the collection’s sheer tarot card–inspired dresses than one of Hollywood’s most prominent young feminists?”

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