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Rockstar/Paparazzi AU

James Hook is a mysterious and eccentric rock star. Notoriously bad relations with the paparazzi. Rumors abound about his life before stardom - no one even knows if Hook is his real name. He seemed to come from nowhere, but as soon as his song ‘Milah’ was released it was a massive worldwide hit catapulting him to near overnight fame.

Emma Swan is a photographer and investigator. Okay, she’s a paparazzo. She’d always been good at finding people, catching them through her camera lens. But since the day she sold her first celebrity pic (for WAY more money than she’d ever made in bail bonds) she has always insisted on absolute anonymity. She never lets the stars know HER face or name. 

She is hired by Regina Mills, editor of the infamous tabloid EQ. Regina received an anonymous tip that Hook stole ‘Milah’ from the original songwriter and is about to be sued for millions in royalties. Emma’s job is to go undercover as a groupie and try to get the scoop - and whatever exclusive photos she can along the way. 

Emma isn’t sure how she feels about being so close to a mark - she’s more of a telephoto lens kind of girl - but the money is too good and the mystery of Hook too intriguing. Just this one time, maybe she can risk getting up close and personal.

Hahaha! I have no chill, I just keep coming up with half-formed story ideas! Meep!


“I’m trying to just accept things, accept the beauty of things and the joy and positivity of things as they are in the moment and accept when it’s not that way as well. Because, of course, none of it lasts forever. It’s all going to change very rapidly. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It doesn’t have to be panic-inducing. It can be just the way life is.”