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After a fight, Emma storms off and Regina is heartbroken, thinking that Emma won't come back. Emma returns hours later to find Regina cuddling Emma's baby blanket to her chest and sobbing

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma sighs as she walks back through the mansion door. She loathes it when they fight and she knows she shouldn’t have stormed off. Unfortunately it’s her coping mechanism. Instead of lashing out and letting things escalate she goes to get her own space. 

The idea is that she won’t end up hurting the people she loves but it’s never the case. In the end, leaving just causes her to wallow and Regina to fear the worse. 

Ultimately, being away from Regina and Henry, her home, makes her feel wistful and lost, and all she wants is to go straight back. It’s wonderful, to finally have a place she wants to run to rather than from. 

She hurries up the stairs pausing and swallowing the lump in her throat as she hears the sobs coming from their room. Emma frowns sadly before pushing the door open. When she walks in, she sees Regina curled up in the middle of their bed wearing Emma’s oversized hoodie and clutching her baby blanket to her chest. 

Emma moves swiftly, shedding her jacket and shoes before crawling into bed to face her. She recognises this signs all too well and she knows that her leaving must have caused a panic attack and without Emma there to turn to, Regina had to go for poor substitutes in the form of sweaters and blankets. 

“I’m here,” Emma promises as she reaches out to draw Regina in her arms. 

Regina swipes at her eyes and sucks in a shaky breath as she moves into Emma’s hold, “I’m sorry…I hate it when you leave like that.” 

“Me too,” Emma replies, “I’m never leaving for good you know? I’m just getting some air. A fight doesn’t mean we’re over.” 

“I know,” Regina says, “Logically I know that. In my head I know you’ll be back in a few hours…but in my heart…I panic and I miss you.” 

Emma nods, “I get it…and I promise that even when we’re fighting, you’re the one I want to come home to.” 

This is just pure domestic Captain Cobra Swan. Set somewhere before the mid-season finale

The door of the Swan-Jones household opens, a lurking pirate letting his keys dangle in his hook as he lets himself in.

“Swan, I’m-”

“Shhhh!,” Killian hears at his right and when he turns he sees a teenager, phone in hand, looking at him with alarm.

“Henry? Is something wrong? Are you hurt?” Killian asks with concern as he leaves his keys on the plate next to the door.

“I’m alright, Killian,” Henry glances at the couch on the other side of the living room, “I just didn’t want to wake her,” Killian follows his gaze and finds Emma asleep, a blanket with a swans pattern (her boys’ gift) covering her, “she looked really tired when she got home.”

“Aye, she hasn’t had much sleep since-”

“My grandparents,” Henry murmurs and sighs, “this isn’t fair, she has been through so much and now she can’t even breathe without something bad happening,” Killian stays silent and walks towards his love, kneeling so he can look at her. Henry he sits on the floor beside him and looks at Emma with a blank face.

“This is my fault,” Killian startles at his words and turns to look at the boy.


“If I hadn’t made her come here, if I hadn’t brought her here-,” Henry drops his head on his hands.


“If I had just-”

“Hey,” he feels Hook’s hand on his shoulder and looks up, “this isn’t your fault lad, why on earth would you think that?”

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  • *Emma and Regina are laying on a blanket stargazing*
  • Emma: How come we never hug?
  • Regina: I thought we were out here to stargaze.
  • Emma: We are...but when I stargaze I think...and tonight I'm wondering why we never hug.
  • Regina: Honestly?
  • Emma: Yeah.
  • Regina: I have no idea. Are you sure we've never hugged?
  • Emma: I'd have remembered.
  • Regina: Why does it bother you?
  • Emma *shrugs*: Because it's you...and you're my best friend and I don't know what else...either way it's you and I always wonder about it but then I never hug you...and it bothers me but I don't know why.
  • Regina *sighs*: You do know why. You know that if we hugged we'd start to think about all the other things we want with one another. It's why you're out here stargazing with me and not somebody else.
  • Emma: How do you know?
  • Regina: Because I feel the same way,






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You sat squashed on the floor of the living room on a pile of knit blankets. Emma, Mary, David, Killian, & Henry sat around the room holding steamy mugs of hot tea. You sipped your chamomile drink, vaguely listening to their conversation. The bottom line of it was: Emma was going to help Hades go after Pan and Rumple. After finding a dead end when searching for Peter, you knew he had gone with his son to get up to no good, and stealing Zelena was in fact, no good at all. Your eyes glued to a patch on the floor as the rest of the group discussed the outcomes of the next day, which was your biggest worry. Emma was going after Peter, so he might get hurt. But if Peter knew about the plan then he may hurt Emma. And Emma being hurt meant Zelena could get hurt. And Zelena getting hurt meant Regina and Hades getting hurt. And so the chain continued, making it clear that if anyone was at fault here, it was the person you just so happened to be in love with. Suddenly aware that someone was staring, you glanced up, catching Henry’s gaze. He spoke silently to you through his thoughts; he was worried for you, he knew what you were thinking. You just sighed, mouthing, ‘I’ll be fine.”

“Well, I’m exhausted, let’s head off then?” Emma said, rising from the couch and taking a hold of Killians hook as he and she left the room.

“You go to bed,” Mary Margret said sternly to you and Henry. The she smiled, giving you both pecks on the cheek before heading out with David.

Now it was just the two of you.

“(Y/N),-” Henry started.

“Shh. Don’t worry about me.”


“Henry,” you breathed, your hands massaging your forehead, “please, just…worry about yourself, I’ll handle this, okay?”

Henry opened his mouth and then shut it.

“Goodnight,” he said softly. He stared at your hands, gently taking your empty mug, and in the second where your eyes met and your hands touched, you sensed something in his eyes.

“Goodnight, Henry.”

Then he was gone. 

You sat on the quilts for a minute before rising and walking to the window. You pressed your nose against the glass, looking at the underworld stars and dreaming of neverland, and in this sleepy haze you could almost see Peter. But then, that wasn’t it, you could see Peter, for he stood outside, eyes right to the window where you stood. A tilt of his head was all it took for you to know.


“It’s c-colder than I t-thought,” you chattered once outside.

You stood around the edge of the apartments beside Peter, the wind snapping at your exposed skin. Peter tilted his head and smiled, using his arm to roll you under the side of his toasty coat.

“Mmm..” you muttered sleepily against his shoulder.

Peter held you tight, his eyes to the sky, yours closed.

“I miss the stars,” he said out of nowhere.

“Me too, and I saw them more recently than you.”

Peter grimaced, “Neverland seems like a lifetime ago.”

You bit your lip, holding your breath.

“What is it?” Peter asked, sensing you shift uneasily.

“I-” you began, but then stopped.

“Love, is there something you want to tell me?”

Your mind said yes, but you said, “No.” You didn’t tell him about Emma, you didn’t ensure his life was no longer at risk, you just didn’t say anything.

“I love you, you know that right? So just-” Peter sighed.

“I want to tell you,” you said, pulling out of his coat, “that I really want to kiss you right now.”

Peter smiled, hand cupping your cheek as he brought his lips to yours. You hung on to his collar, lips molding into his soft round ones as you bent your head to the side. You held your lips lightly to each other, pulling back after a moment of quiet.

“Get up to bed, you’re as cold as ice,” Peter said with concern.


“See you soon, lost girl. See you soon up where we belong,” he grinned with excitement.

This time you didn’t say the words back to him. You turned and ran for warmth, eyes stinging as you moved away from Peter for who knew how long.


“Peter is fine,” Henry said the next day.

You were the only two at home, and the storybook was set out open in front of you has Henry scribbled a piece of art depicting the events that had gone down at Granny’s.

“Hades tore up the contract, and then Rumple left,” Henry recited.

“Without Peter,” you noted.

“Peter is fine,” Henry repeated.

“For now,” you concluded.

“But Rumple, how do we, how can, I don’t-” you stammered.

Henry put down the quill and turned to you, his voice trying to hide his annoyance, “If you want to know what Rumple is up to at this very moment because you really don’t trust him, then you need to track him.”

Your eyebrows creased in frustration, “Fine.”

Then you bit your lower lip, facing Henry, “but you can write the story.”

Henry shook his head, “No, (Y/N), you know that’s not how things go with me. Every story has a start and finish, and I’m not the one who wants to decide that, I’m just the one who writes it.”

“Fine,” you said again, your cheeks flaring as you rose.

This was ridiculous. Why did Pan have to help Rumple when you could split hearts like he had said? You knew why. He wanted his son’s trust, and plus, a whole heart absolutely ensured he would escape.

“I’ll figure it out on my own then,” you said calmly.

Henry shook his head, “(Y/N), I’m sure I can still help you.”

“Well,” you muttered stiffly, “apparently not.”

Henry was taken aback by your tone, but calmly, he said, “I know you chose to keep us safe over Peter. That was really brave of you to do that.”

You shut your eyes, breathing in slowly, “I know.”


You had no idea how to track Rumple since you had no clue where he was, so you secretly followed Emma and the gang like a spy the whole day, but it paid off. It was easier to follow them because you knew Rumple would target one of the group members individually, and this way you could look out for them all at one time. He only needed the single heart, after all. You were sat outside the building and through the glass, you watched as Rumple emerged, and you watched as he took Robin’s heart. You opened your mouth to scream at him to stop, because Peter’s plan was never worth the life of Robin, and never, had you imagined, would Rumple actually keep his word and do this for Peter. But as your fists came to the window, Rumple  muttered something, & slammed Robin’s heart back in his chest. Too late, you had realized your mistake. Rumple turned to the glass as you ducked onto the ground, but you knew you’d been seen. Without a moment of hesitation you were sprinting, sprinting until your feet took you to the place you had to be. Rumple was never going to hurt Robin. He didn’t need to, because it was never part of his plan to give Peter a heart, or a functioning one at that. You had no idea which heart he could give, for he had to give one to fool Peter, except that it certainly wouldn’t be one that would save Peter. You had been right. Rumple was a thief, a liar, and a little boy filled with regret and with revenge set in his mind. Breath heavy, you skidded to a halt outside Gold’s shop. You could see Peter inside, waiting patiently, and you were shocked as to why Rumple wasn’t there yet. You flung your hand out to the doorknob, and the door flew open.

Peter turned, “Hello?”

“Peter!” you gasped, “I have to warn you, you can’t trust-”

“Hello?” Peter said again.

“Peter?” you said, “It’s me!”

Peter stared right where you stood, shrugging and turning away as if you were invisible.

“Peter!” you pleaded, water brimming at your eyes, “Peter, please!”

“See…you, dearie, need to learn when to stop interfering,” came a familiar voice in your head.

You tried to move but found you couldn’t. You were stuck silent and unseen.

Rumple walked straight past you, reaching for the doorknob. The door jingled as he stepped inside.

“Hello, papa,” he said calmly.

“The portal will close soon,” Peter replied flatly, “Ready, son?”

Rumple nodded and turned slightly, his eyes locking right to where you stood.

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6 characters: are Tumblr people characters? better not risk it. Mal, Regina, Emma, Robin, Hook, Ruby

Marry Mal, she’s my precious dragon and I adore her. 

Be roommates with Hook, he’d help my eyeliner game and I’d get to live on a pirate ship. That sounds awesome. 

Kiss Regina, she’s gorgeous. 

Robin gets the blanket. 

Emma and Ruby I both love so…there shall be no suffering, I hate that part. 

15 Followers I’d like to get to know better

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What made you decide to get tumblr: I was working on To Make Much of Time and had vague plans about becoming active on Live Journal again so I’d have people to talk to while I wrote, and then hopefully friends who’d read the story when it was done. Then @whoinwhoville told me that the fandom community had really moved over here, so even though I’d resisted tumblr for ages, I bit the bullet and signed up. 

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I recently had a sudden thought about Emma’s baby blanket. For 28 years, Emma thought that her biological parents cared so little about her that they didn’t even bother to drop her to a hospital minutes after her being born. She was left alone on the side of the road, and if that boy hadn’t found her, God knows what would have happened.

But then there was this blanket. Hand-knit and her name carefully written on it. This blanket must have been made with love. Her parents had chosen a name for her and made a blanket for her, and they did all that with love. They put her in but then they left her.

I think this must have been very confusing for Emma, to be abandoned by her own parents but to also have a reminder that at some point the same parents cared for her.


March 20: How do they deal with significant time apart? 

Emma walked into the room, shivering a little in her white tank top. “Regina, have you seen my hoodie? You know, the big blue one?”

Regina was seated on the sofa with her legs pulled up and covered under a blanket. At Emma’s question, she looked up from the book she was reading.

“You mean that washed out monstrosity with the number 39 on it?”

“Hey, don’t knock it, it might be old and raggedy but it’s really soft and comfy. But yeah, that one.”

“I wouldn’t know, dear. Perhaps you lost it in that cabin? I assume it is the sort of garment you would bring to a fishing trip with your father?”

“Babe. You don’t have to be so snarky about it. It was important to him that we had some father and daughter time. I was only away from you for five days.”

Regina quirked an eyebrow and returned to her book. Emma knew that she should have warned her new girlfriend about her trip earlier than the day before she had gone away, but there just hadn’t been time. As it was, she had been in the dog house ever since she got back yesterday. She sighed and went to look for the hoodie, it was easier to find a lost piece of clothing than figuring out how to make Regina forgive her.

It took her a long time to find the hoodie and when she did, it was thrown in the very back of the wardrobe that she had taken over in 108 Mifflin Street. Emma knitted her brow, she loved that hoodie and often slept in it, it was weird that it would have been tossed aside and hidden like that. She picked it up, ready to put it on as long as it smelled clean despite being on the floor.

But as she sniffed it, she found that it neither smelled like the floor nor fabric softener, it smelled of that Guerlain perfume Regina always wore. At first Emma was confused, the smell was far too strong to have come from her embracing Regina. It wouldn’t smell this strongly of the other woman’s perfume unless… she had worn it for a very long time. Emma kept sniffing the hoodie and soon found what she was looking for, under the scent of the perfume and her own natural smell was the scent of Regina’s skin.

Suddenly a smile grew big on her face and her heart did a little somersault in her chest, Regina must have slept in this hoodie while she was away. Emma decided not to put it on after all. Regina clearly didn’t want her to know how much she had missed her or that she had stooped to wearing what she called a ‘washed out monstrosity’. She put it back in the wardrobe and got a nice sweater out instead.

She wasn’t going to lounge around in her hoodie today. She was taking Regina Mills out for a walk hand in hand in the fresh spring air and then to eat wherever Regina fancied. She was going to make Regina forget that she had overlooked telling her about the trip in time and that she had ever been away. She was going to convince Regina Mills to sleep in her arms tonight, instead of in her hoodie.

Every s5 episode so far has been a step towards canon SQ

1) The Dark Swan

Regina knowing about Emma’s baby blanket so she is obviously someone Emma trusted with that piece of info. The show could’ve used any article of clothing but no they picked Emma’s most valuable possession for the spell.

I mean look at her face! Maybe it’s my shipper goggles but all I see unadulterated, pure, honest love.


Then we had Emma giving Regina her dagger which is something Rumple did with his TL Belle as a wedding proposal. I really thought Emma would give it to Hook but no she gave it to Regina, who now has Emma’s life in her hands WHOA. Emma willingly (without any prompting) gave up complete autonomy over herself to Regina… to control or destroy her. This is implicit TRUST, the foundation of any loving relationship.

Emma to Regina: I saved you. Now save me.


Enough said.

2) The Price

Emma’s jealousy towards OQ (see my post for complete explanation and more jealous Emma)

Regina to Emma: I know you. The good you is still in there

Which is similar to Belle’s “there’s still good in you” to her TL Rumple. You see Regina’s words can still make stone-cold Emma falter. Regina bringing out a glimmer of old Emma must have been a hint that she would have a big role in saving her. 


2 failed CS TLK’s and both were not so romantic i.e. Emma attempting TLK to get rid of her darkness and Dark Emma trying to seduce Hook.

In the end montage, Regina is the “magic that threatens to undo your most evil doing” - she snapped her finger to reverse Dark Emma’s spell and turned the dwarf cosplay of Emma (the beanie and red jacket were a dead giveaway) back to normal… foreshadowing that Regina will be the one to bring the old Emma back.


And we all know “true love is magic” that can break any spell! :D

3) Siege Perilous

CS breakup - Hook’s “that you isn’t here” which contrasts with TL Rumbelle’s “there’s still good in you”


4) The Broken Kingdom

CS paralleled to false love Arthur/Gwen (at least the later version)



None of these CS romantic scenes mattered anyway since we know Hook stopped loving Emma a few weeks later.

Now you might retort “But WAIT, What about the pink flower petals being thrown over Lancelot and Gwen at her birthday party? They can’t be fake love as the real Gwen loved Lancelot!”. A fellow Swen explained it perfectly here.

When lancelot includes the phony Arthur love flowers in the party he throws Guinevere to ensure her happiness Bc he thinks that’s what she wants. Just like when emma gives her life for regina’s “happiness” with hood.

Even here the pink flowers as a symbol of “deception” make sense because Lancelot made Gwen think it was Arthur who planned the flowery birthday gift not himself. ;)

Lancelot/Gwen parallel to Swan Queen OMG. :O This is so not a “seed” (read lgbt hint) the showrunners talked about but the whole freakin PLANT.

And we know that Lancelot was the one Gwen’s heart truly wanted!


Are these all “seeds” being planted by the writers to suggest that Swan Queen are true love? Only time will tell. ;)

Regina’s *Emma* Face 5a

For my fellow collectors of Regina’s *Emma* face, I present to you: 

The Masterpost


“We’re taking the tornado to Emma” - look

“Emma’s baby blanket feelings”-  look

“Don’t let the darkness consume you” - look

“I know darkness my darling” - look

“Emma handing over control of her life to Regina” - look

“I saved you, now save me” - look

“Destroy me if necessary” - look

“First time seeing Dark One Emma” - look

“Oh no we failed her” - look


“Reminded of Emma’s heroics” - look

“Emma’s curse turns ppl into dwarf apple trees” - look 

aka The Dork One is a prankster

“Emma doesn’t believe in her” - look

“Longing for Emma(’s belief in her)” - look

“We can all go home” - look

“All I ever new, only you” - look


“Snowing argues when Emma is hurting” - look

“Don’t upset Emma. She needs rest” - look

“Been in her *worried about Emma* world all day” - look


Okay, this episode was the mother of Emma faces, so I will just pick my favorites

“Stop using dark magic Emma” - look

“I mean it Emma” - look

“Slippery slope” - look

“You’ve seen what dark magic does” look

“You could see it too” - look 

Aka letting Emma see her be vulnerable by watching her worst memory 

“Emma freed Merlin” - look

“There is nothing you can’t come back from if you just tell us” - look

“I thought you were stronger than the darkness” - look

“We freed Merlin in Camelot” look

“Why are you still dark?” - look


“When Emma tried to visit Henry. It was Henry. Not me. Henry. Pls b me” - look

“Thinking about Emma n last night’s fight” - look

“Emma matters most, sorry braintwin” - look


“Dagger. Emma’s life. Dude wants me to hand over Emma’s life to him” - look


I thought 5x05 was the mother of Emma faces. Boy was I wrong. This ep. Pshh

“Our Emma” - looks

“From heart eyes to sex eyes in 0.01 sec” - look

“Oh no, Emma’s hurt” - look

“Literally only care about Emma” - look

“I really know you” - look

“That’s not the truth” - look

“You’re brave Emma. You can do it” - look

“Literally begging you” look

“Not my fault it’s painful” - look

“Emma is making magic” - look

“Emma is magic” - look

All-In-One ft Fleetwood Mac


“Emma did a stupid but I still love her” - look

“He needs time Emma” - look

“Trust Emma” - look 1

“Trust Emma” - look 2

“Getting back memories” - look (Looks like an Emma face, no?)


“I don’t like where this is going” - look

“Emma wants to sacrifice herself and I want to cry” - look

“Gold calls Emma is brave. I agree” - look

“Oh no, my Emma is in pain danger” - look

“Oh no, my Emma is crying” - look

“Oh no, my Emma is an idiot” - look

“My Emma. Stupid Guyliner” - look

That was it for 5A. Feel free to reblog with your own favorite of Regina’s *Emma* faces if you feel some are missing :D 


Not sure if anyone has already pointed this out but in the pilot you can spot Emma’s baby blanket on one of the chairs in her apartment. Just imagine her coming back to the apartment after a rough day and just staring at that blanket while she’s eating dinner in the kitchen, wondering why anyone who loved her enough to make her such a beautiful thing, would give her up. Imagine her not being able to sleep at night, sleepwalking to that chair and just sitting there hugging the only link she has to her past. Imagine her smelling it and touching it trying so hard to remember anything about her parents, their faces, their voices. In 1x04 Emma tells Mary Margaret she’s not sentimental, yet she’s held on to this blanket like dear life.

15) Blanket forts

“Henry, where did you get that bedding and pillows?” Emma grimaced, already knowing the answer when she saw the fine silky blue comforter that Henry was dragging across the carpet.

“Mom’s bed. I snagged her sheets too; they’ll make nice curtains for the front,” Henry said blithely as he busily ran around the massive blanket fort formerly known as Regina’s living room.

Emma stopped dragging the coffee table toward the center of the room, and stared at her son with an open mouth.

Henry blinked and shrugged with indifference, “What?”

“Regina is going to be furious. She didn’t even want us to make this fort, and I’m positive she didn’t give either of us permission to take the sheets right off of her bed.”

“We’ll put everything back before she gets home,” Henry reasoned in an attempt to calm his paranoid mom and get back to the fort building. “Emma, just throw the big blanket over the coat rack in the middle.”

Emma doubted that even if they were meticulous about moving the furniture back to the same spot and returning all the blankets, pillows and sheets to where they came from, Regina would still find things out of place.

Nonetheless, she lugged the heavy blanket up and threw it over the coat-rack, which acted as a tee-pee pole. “Aren’t you going to help?”

“I’m going to get the Christmas lights from the garage,” Henry rolled his eyes as if this information was a given.

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“Regina are you oh-what are you doing?” Emma asks as she walks into their bedroom to see a mountain of pillows and blankets atop their bed. She frowns in confusion having never seen their room look so chaotic.

A loud cough directs to her where her girlfriend is hidden buried beneath two blankets and clinging to a pillow. Emma smiles in sympathy before sliding in behind Regina and wrapping her arms around the brunette as she points out, “You have a cold, you’re not dying.”

Regina coughs feebly before sniffing indignantly at Emma and huffing, “I don’t like being sick.”

“No-one does,” Emma replies, “So what’s with all the blankets and pillows?”

Regina blushes slightly as she admits, “I find the weight of the blankets comforting.”

Emma nods in understanding before she smiles softly and asks, “What about the weight of an Emma?”

Regina smiles sleepily back as she answers, “That’s the most comforting of all.”

Captain Swan logic: Emma’s path to Lightness: Regina's ACTIONS: 5x01-5x06:

My CS friend sent me something. A DS Something.
Casually disregarding regina’s value in emma’s path and struggle,
even in friendship terms. 
And She’s not gonna read my reply
so i’ve made it into a

*Worries about emma being sucked up by a vortex of evil
*immediately Volunteers to open up a portal with the wand.
*Consults Zelena, despites her wishes not to
*Discusses in her office with Snowing + belle, how to save emma
*Captures Zelena, Steals her portal to get to emma
*Finds emma’s baby blanket to get them to her
*Accepts Emma’s offering of the dagger, and her wishes to have Reg Save her. 

*begs the author to fix it up
*Lets Zelena escape 
*Talks emma down from killing Merida
(Which, tbh, i wasn’t impressed by this since SQ had this on episode: Lily) 

*Steps up as savior to protect emma; from Camelotians & from herself from using dark magic. 
*Promises to find a way to free merlin without her using dark magic
*Follows her to the merlin tower since there must be clues to free him

*Tells emma there’s no time for dancing, rushing the “search” of merlin.
*Failed TLKs.  dancing? more handholding?
*Tells emma not to use dark magic when robin is attacked. 

*Figures out the first key they have into approaching merlin.
*Is The only one left up in the Merlin tower working on freeing Merlin. 
*Drowns in books in SB, finds the toadstool, a second time. 

*recruits hood to figure out what the dark swan’s up to (not save her) just to see what she’s hiding.

*shut’s up the charmings, for emma’s sake. 
*suggests emma be moved from prying eyes, to prevent her from worsening her state.
*Hides the dagger so emma wont be tempted by it. 
*Worries about the outcome of the arthur/lancelot dispute since it hinders what her next move is going to be.

*takes her horse riding
*More kissing
*tells her to rest her burden on him
*hugs her, gives her a flower.
*Temporarily stops her from seeing rumple.

*Figures out the “antivenom” to get merlin out of the tree
*Relives her most painful and defining moment, for emma. In hopes it will result in freeing merlin (so he can get the darkness out of emma)
*Fights off Arthur & his guards with fireballs, protecting Em + Henry
*Collaborates with emma, all through out the ep. 
*Potions + magic making by the merlin tree ;) #if you catch my drift

*Asks merlin if He can get the darkness out of emma?

*insists on communicating with merlin
*makes the potion thingy
*figures out The Author was also chosen by Merlin. 

*… asks regina “why is this taking so long” 
*…stands next to regina, just standing, Good old standing there. 

I know im awfully biassed but you tell me which actions have furthered Emma’s path to lightness. Feel free to compare the verbs. (I bolded or italic’d some)

I have a point but it’s pretty self evident. 

Im not saying other characters haven’t done stuff to save emma. And Im sure and expect characters Will help and Will step up.
Meanwhile, regina’s efforts have been non stop.
I compared regina’s actions directly to hook’s “actions” because my CS friend was the incentive that made me List This in my head.

But (SO FAR) Let the record Show (SO FAR) IMO, Even with the limited screen time Reg has had; Regina may even have done more to free/protect emma from the darkness, than what emma has done, herself. 

Emma Actions: 
*Chased the will’o the wisp 
*looked for camelot (to get merlin)
*gave dagger to regina
*Went to the merlin tower to read up
*made dreamcatchers (sees merlins past)
*Freed merlin (with regina help + henry’s tear)
*broke henrys heart (grey zone emma)
*battled the darkness in her head? 
*5x07 (Em + Merlin reunite excalibur with the dagger) *spec*

**I’d say regina has been pretty crucial to emma’s path to lightness**
My CS friend: bla bla *no regina* hook hook bla henry
basically me: 

Just found this “did you catch it” picture with Emma’s baby blanket out on the night she met Henry. Which means that, since she didn’t have time in the scene we saw, she must’ve taken it out earlier that day.

Her birthday.

Emma spent her birthday alone in her empty apartment going through the box that had all the relics of her childhood, all memories of good times lost or hopes faded or clues to the family she had never been able to find - and then she dressed up and went out to catch a man who’d left his family behind. No wonder she reacted so harshly to his “the hell do you know about family?”

And then she got a single cupcake and lit a candle, secretly made a wish, and for the first time in her life spent looking, her family finally found her.