i have this dream. it’s really personal and i’ve always been scared to how people would respond to it. 

   (what happens when one of their biggest scenes together is recreated with someone else?)

James bribing Remus to talk him up to Lily on their prefect rounds by spelling Remus’ pocket to produce a chocolate frog every time he compliments James. Remus taking advantage of the situation almost immediately because chocolate?

“Lily have you ever noticed how James’ eyes just seem to gleam in the moonlight? Oh you’ve never seen James’ beautiful eyes in the moonlight? You should get on to that.”

“Yes, Pads, that was very impressive… Not as impressive as James though— ouch!”

“Professor, the answer is James Potter because he is everything.”

“Take your shirt off, Potter! What? It’s quidditch, not a bloody church… Sorry Professor McGonagall.”

“What the hell do you mean I have to try harder? Its only the bloody morning, she’s not going to fall in love with you over the course of one breakfast! Fucking fine, ahem, JAMES POTTER HAS THE BIGGEST, MOST GLORIOUS GENETALIA OF ANY I HAVE EVER SEE—mrphff.”

Marauders in the 2000s?

Imagine if the marauders had been in Hogwarts in the 2000s though. Just picture it. My Chem, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the height of their emo careers, and everything else that was happening then:

• The boys arguing over which band was the best, Sirius yelling over all of the others whilst Remus quietly says Bowie was better then any of those bands
• James wanting to cut his hair so he had a fringe like Frank Iero and Remus immediately confiscating his hair shears, and Sirius threatening to dye his hair black and pierce his lip. Again.
• EYELINER. Lots of it. Remus did not complain about this because Sirius looked hot
• Peter having one of those checkered belts with the studs and only wearing skinny jeans for the whole of fourth year, but he somehow got away with it??
• Scene girls
• Someone playing the G note at lunch and the third year that ran to get his black parade jacket
• Remus would go on about how it was a phase and say how James would regret this. He’d sit with his leather jackets and smiths albums but he had to admit, damn was Teenagers a good song. He would still listen to MCR secretly
• Lily thinking the marauders were all stupid but she actually had a poster of Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross on her wall
• Everyone having those MP3 players and portable CD players that skipped when you walked
• Tears when Panic! split. The school was divided temporarily
• Best album debates in the common rooms
• Dark Slytherin aesthetic and piercings everywhere, teachers can’t control it
• The whole great hall breaking out into a chorus of I Write Sins Not Tragedies at the great feast and McGonogall not knowing what the hell was happening
• Snape hates it all and loves Blood On The Dancefloor