emma x norma


#gross sobbing

Think about it, Norma died before knowing Dylan married Emma. She didn’t know she was a grandmother. She didn’t know Emma was her daughter in law.. Norma got the daughter she always wanted!

  • Dylan: There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norma: He's fine
  • Emma: There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norma: No there's not he's fine
  • Caleb: There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norma: Norman is fine
  • Everybody: There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norman: They're right Mother there's something wrong with me

I can’t even tell you why that’s so important.

On Bates Motel and shipping

So I check out the Bates Motel tag often and recently I have seen a lot of hate on the shippers in the fandom (myself included). People are saying that we, the shippers, only care about the romance in the show. That we are forgetting that the show is about Norman developing into how he is in Psycho. Now I can’t speak for every shipper, but for me when I started watching the show it was 100% for Norman. I was a fan of Psycho years before the show premiered; and when I saw a prequel was being made I was extremely interested in seeing Norman’s back story.

I kind of just stumbled into the romance of Dylan x Emma and Norma x Alex. I wasn’t expecting it. At first I was upset because, like many others, I thought those side stories were taking away from the main story. But then I thought ‘stories with no deviation from the main plot are too one dimensional and often dull at times’. In my opinion good stories have small subplots; whether they further the main plot or not, they are needed. Especially in such a heavy show as Bates Motel. Having something light to look forward to is a nice relief from all the drama of the show. Don’t get me wrong I love the darkness of the show but sometimes it’s a lot to take. So please just let me have my little saving grace in this shit storm of a show. 

I don’t need hate for the shipping. The show’s writers are including basis for the ships anyway so if you want to be upset with anyone be upset with them.