emma x mr. gold


So beautiful and romantic - Archie performing the wedding ceremony for both Rumbelle & Captain Swan 💍 ❤️


d i s t a n c e ;; { Gold/Emma } (by FataFaby)

Gorgeous new Golden Swan video. A must see for Gold/Emma fans!

My first try at tumblr art. I’ve been wanting to do some Emma/Gold art for a while but I needed a picture of Jen looking like a fairy tale princess and finally got one! Hope my fellow Golden Swan shippers like. The lyrics are from the song Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) by Florence and the Machine (I know it’s more Wonderland appropriate but I felt some of the lyrics suited Emma/Gold).


Once Upon a Time rewatch: 6x10, Wish You Were Here

“I may not be able to get a hold of the genie’s lamp, but you’re right - we are the same person, which means you’re not the only master of the lamp.”

the real evil in the black fairy’s plan is that she wants to ruin my captain swan celebration like I know y’all are gonna try and kill emma and I know you’re gonna fail but how dare you interfere with that wedding you monsters


~Whataya Want From Me~ {Emma & Gold} (by MyFrozenSanctuary)

Excellent and new Emma/Gold video. Watch and enjoy my fellow Golden Swan shippers. :)