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Okay for the Fosters with Emma and her pregnancy.

IF she does decide to get an abortion People better not hate on her. Because seriously? That’ll be stupid. It’s her choice, she’s 16 and not ready. I would like for her to keep the baby and give it for adoption if she wants. But if she gets an abortion People better cool it.

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30 Day Foster Challenge

Day 1:

Well I really love Calliie, and Mariana but I have to say..

My Favorite female character:


C'mon she’s like one of the only of Jesus’s girlfriends who was a tomboy and wasn’t supposed to look pretty (even though she is pretty). Also she didn’t take Jesus’s shit when Lexi came and when he tried to win her over again. The second she came on screen I completely liked her for being a unique character, and I hope she comes back to the fosters!

4x06: Justify

Lena is shocked by the news that her dad has been hiding something that directly puts them all in jeopardy.

Lena uncovers a major secret that Brandon has been keeping.

Mariana continues to be pressured by Nick and must deal with direct opposition from the male members on her STEAM team.

Jesus grows resentful of Emma’s behavior.

Jude discovers Noah has a medical marijuana card.

i’ll bet my life on you | for emma & regina 
“true love is the most powerful magic of all”: all the things regina mills won’t let herself say out loud 

01. Please Don’t Say You Love Me (Studio Version)- Gabrielle Aplin// 02. Flaws (Cover)- Alice Kristiansen// 03. I Found (Acoustic)- Amber Run// 04. I’ll Be Good- Jaymes Young// 05. Kiss Me (Cover)- Sara Phillips// 06. What Can I Do (But Love You)- Joy Williams// 07. Night Go Slow- Catey Shaw// 08. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic- Sleeping at Last// 09. She Is Love (Cover)- Paola Bennet// 10. Landslide- Oh Wonder// 11. Come To Me- Lily & Madeleine// 12. Sinners- Lauren Aquilina// 13. Stand By You- Rachel Platten// 14. I Bet My Life (Acoustic)- Imagine Dragons 

Is it just me or are all of the synopses this season sounding amazing but then falling flat?? Like…
• Cort and Brandon throwing a party has so much more potential than the bland, anti-climatic, whatever it was “gathering” that we watched last week.
• The moms one year anniversary celebration could’ve been romantic, sweet, and full of scenes reminiscent of their wedding night. And yet we got to see them stalking their kids? We didn’t even get to see them at dinner! I feel so cheated.
• Lena’s 70s themed party was mediocre at best. The costumes and set were great. But the flow of the party just never got my attention. There was way too much side action. Callie inside with Aaron, the random tiff between Cort and Dana, Noah/Jude/Taylor, Jesus/Emma, etc etc etc. Basically just ALL of it was all over the road. None of it was tied in together. If you compare this party episode to Mariana’s Quince ep, or Callie’s birthday party ep, it just pales in comparison plot wise.

It’s just disheartening because the storylines this season all sound good in theory. But they’re just not being executed properly.

She has decisions to make. She’s not certain either, at this point. All I can say is that if she is pregnant, she’s got a massive decision to make. If she isn’t pregnant, she should still 100 percent be telling someone. The fact that Jesus has a traumatic brain injury kind of really messes with that situation. It’s such a massive, massive thing to come across a teen pregnancy and be directly involved with something like that. You’ll have to see.

Noah Centineo

Question: Something else pretty stressful is this possibility of Emma being pregnant. Is she going to struggle to tell Jesus what’s going on considering the emotional state that he’s in?