emma x hook kiss

Compare and contrast:
  • C$: suck face at every possible moment. It is never True Love Kiss.
  • Aladdin and Jasmine: Haven't kissed yet, because their first kiss is most likely going to be a TL one.
  • Swan Queen: Have never kissed... If/when they do, it surely will be both the first and a TL one, right?

I am 1000000% percent positive jen improvised here- JUST LOOK omg she kisses his cheeks and he freakin breaks character and laughs and then just carries on with his lines anyway. their chemistry is so perfect it makes me weep 

That lift almost got us some Captain Swan action

I haven’t seen anyone make the connection that after Emma said I love you and had this amazing kiss that their next scene was racing home to do “some more enjoyable activities with a women (Emma) on their (her) back” … until they got interrupted 

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My reaction when I put it together!!! 

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