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Twenty years ago today, a whole new generation of fantasy readers was born. Thank you, Joanne Rowling♡ Thank you for all the adventure, magic, friendship and most importantly, for being such a huge part of my childhood🌠 and this is the first edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book with J.K. Rowling’s notes. #20YearsOfHarryPotter #HarryPotter20


Happy 20th anniversary to harry potter and the Philosopher’s stone book! I grew up with the stories and i’m proud to call myself a potterhead❤️ the book and the movie are both amazing and so close to my heart❤️ the amazing soundtrack and the amazing actors, daniel emma rupert and many other actors have made the stories legendary!❤️ i miss alan rickman so much… i wished he could celebrate with us❤️🥀