emma watson shower

Imagine helping Charlie flirt with the guard

“Alright Charlie, now I want you to smile like you just walked in to see that Emma Watson is using your shower.” You said into the flip phone as you sat with your back to the boys, who we were watching you intensely 

 "Now when you get there I want you to smile and act like you genuinely interested, maybe bring up the gym, and his definition.“ 

 "Hey when you were flirting with her, didn’t she bring up you and the gym?” Sam asked Dean as he watched the screen. 

 "Oh it definitely shows. Maybe we could go sometimes, or you could buy me a drink? I personally like the bar on seventh, that serves the fruity drinks with the tiny umbrellas.“ 

 Now Dean was looking at you, hearing the very words you said to him, at the bar on seventh, except you asked for whiskey straight, one cube of ice. 

"Charlie you are rambling, just take a breathe and ask if that sounds ok." 

"Good, now ask if you can use the ladies room, say you have to power your nose or some shit like that….. Okay, now say that you are looking forward to that drink, touch his arm, wink and calmly walk away.” You instructed as you smiled at Dean, remembering how when you said that to Dean you ran in the bathroom to make sure you looked presentable, and prepared to spend the night, with the handsome green eyed man. 

 "Okay, talk soon, remember the clock is ticking.“ You said before handing the phone to Sam and taking your seat again between Sam and Dean.

 "So did you use those lines on every guy you slept with?” Dean asked as you took his hand in yours 

“Yea, but thankfully you are the last man I will ever have to use those lines with.” You smiled as you glanced at those green eyes you loved.