emma watson [10]


Week Ending January 23rd, 2017

  1. Tyler Posey
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch
  3. Cody Christian
  4. Harry Styles +4
  5. Sebastian Stan +4
  6. Martin Freeman +1
  7. Melissa Benoist
  8. Carrie Fisher −3
  9. Chris Evans +10
  10. Emma Watson
  11. Jensen Ackles +1
  12. Diego Luna −9
  13. Dylan O'Brien +7
  14. Misha Collins
  15. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  16. Mark Gatiss
  17. Kristen Stewart
  18. Kendall Jenner
  19. Tom Hiddleston −9
  20. Nick Offerman

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.


“I just think we wanted to be a part of, like, the lifestyle, the lifestyle that everybody kind of wants.”                                                                                 The Bling Ring (2013) \ Directed by: Sofia Coppola

hogwartsismyhometoo  asked:

How hot is that celebrity: Lin-Manuel Miranda, David Tennant, Emma Watson, Stana Katic, Jensen Ackles, Evanna Lynch!

Evanna Lynch: gorgeous. I love her. In a number scale 9/10

Jensen Ackles: I may know little about him but I do know he’s hot. 8/10

Stana Katic: Beckett and beautiful start with the same letter for a reason. 9.5/10

Emma Watson: would stand highly on appearance alone, but she’s also Hermione and the UN’s HeForShe ambassador. 10/10

David Tennant: while attractive has nothing on the others on the list. 6/10

Lin-Manuel Miranda: my #1 celebrity crush so he’s at least a 11/10 maybe higher