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We don’t make  e y e s  …

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From the beginning we knew that Emma Swan was paralleled to her father Prince Charming, and in the episode, “A Land Without Magic” it was confirmed when Emma fought and defeated Maleficent in her dragon form, while flashbacks showed Charming fighting the same beast.

Much later, in the episode, “Operation Mongoose” Regina is shown wearing Snow White’s bandit outfit during the AU of that episode.

Most members of the Swan Queen fandom have already realized the parallels between Snow/Charming and Emma/Regina, and have been pointing them out for years. But these parallels got me thinking: What if they have been more than just parallels? What if Swan Queen is a reflection of Snowing? What if Swan Queen is the slow-burn version of the Snowing story we were told to in season 1? What if we were told what was going to happen in this entire series by the end of season 1? What if Emma Swan truly is the modern version of Prince Charming and Regina is Snow White? I wouldn’t believe it. Not without proof, so I did a little digging and…

You wanted to see proof? Well, my dears here…it…is.

We begin at the beginning of both our stories. All parties are shocked. The questions Regina and Charming ask are similarly worded. *Note: Emma and Regina’s roles in this scenario are flipped. Regina is the first to speak, like Charming. She is the “royal” and Emma is the “thief”.

In their second meeting, both Emma and Snow have been captured, and only released after they have agreed to help the royal find their jewels (or for Regina it’s Henry). They also both adorably rest their chin on the net/jail cell.

So they venture out in search of the jewels. No party seems to get along with the other. Emma and Regina eventually find Henry, but they lose him many times and seem to always be out looking for him. Their journeys continue, until Snow White kicks Charming in the river and runs off (You could probably pick any time Regina threw Emma under the bus in season one to compare this to). Then, Snow White gets captured by The Evil Queen’s guards, surely she’s done for! In Storybrooke, Emma and Regina are caught in a fire. Regina twists her ankle and can’t walk. This looks like the end of Snow White and Regina, until out of nowhere, Prince Charming and Emma Swan swoop in to save the women. Even though neither Charming nor Emma got along particularly well with their partners in crime (I mean Snow smacked Charming with a rock and literally kicked his ass, and Regina was generally uncool to Emma), and they may have been better off just leaving them to die, they did the right thing because they are oh so noble.

The next part of Snowing’s adventure matches Swan Queen scenes from 2x01. When the trolls discover that Snow White is in fact Snow White, they capture her and intend to sell her to the Queen. This is quite similar to when the townspeople realize that Regina is in fact the Evil Queen and they intend to kill her. Of course, no one is laying a hand on Snow White or Regina Mills while Charming and Emma are around.

The townspeople are replaced by Gold and the Wraith who are set on killing Regina. Emma fights bravely against the wraith, and manages to push Regina to safety only to get grabbed by the wraith and pulled into a portal. This is not so different from when Charming fought bravely against the trolls, and managed to get Snow safely away from the bridge, only to get pulled down by a troll from below. Yes, it exactly the same scenario. Yes, you may cry.

Fast forward to the moment in “Queen of Hearts” when Regina has the opportunity to save Emma from the Enchanted Forest or let her die, which would allow her to have Henry all to herself once more. This is the same dilemma that Snow faces when she sees that Charming did not make it to safety: Should she run with the jewels and fairy dust, or should she save Charming?

Of course, both Regina and Snow are also heroes, and they risk everything to save Charming and Emma, who are both grateful and who now see Snow/Regina in a new light.

After all their adventures together, it is time for our heroes to part ways. Though we know that this is not goodbye forever, Snow/Charming/Regina/Emma do not. Even though Snow and Regina believe that they are about to face a life of solitude, without hesitation they provide Charming and Emma with what they need to get a happy ending. For Charming, it is his mother’s engagement ring so he may propose to Kathryn, and for Emma it is new memories of a full life with Henry. Though Snow and Regina believe that Emma and Charming will find happiness, Emma and Charming struggle to have it because…

…they will not be sharing their lives with the people they love. This was the moment Charming fell in love with Snow, which was revealed in “Snow Drifts”.

Charming: “But it wasn’t until I saw my mother’s ring on her finger that I knew in my heart there was no other woman I would ever love.”
Snow: “I wish you had told me then. We would have saved so much time.”

So if this scene corresponds with the Swan Queen scene in “Going Home” then we can assume that this is the moment that Emma and Regina fall in love. It would explain why most Swen would say that this is their favorite scene, and why it feels like there should be an “I love you” somewhere in there. The feelings are there, but as Emma would say, it takes them a while to accept their feelings. Since Swan Queen is the modern Snowing, it is okay that they didn’t say anything here because it will happen in its own time.

The couples finally part ways and the scenes ends with Snow/Regina watching as Charming/Emma head off to their presumed “happy ending”.

In the time that Snow/Regina are alone away from the ones they love (for Regina it is Henry and Emma), they find it difficult to keep their minds off them, or escape the fact that they are never going to see them again. As a remedy for their pain, both women find the means to free themselves of their own thoughts. Snow obtains a forgetting potion from Rumplestiltskin, and Regina creates a sleeping curse for herself.

After this Charming sends a message to Snow revealing his love for her, she goes to meet him but is intercepted by King George, who tells her to break Charming’s heart or watch his death. She tells him that she doesn’t love him, and then returns home where she takes the forgetting potion, and becomes a dark version of herself. This is quite literally the only major scene in this early Snowing storyline that I could not find a direct comparison to a Swan Queen that fits the timeline. This is around the time that Robin and Hook came into play and started messing with everything, so I suppose George keeping Snow and Charming apart could be compared to the Beards keeping Swan Queen apart. As for Snow becoming a dark version of herself, this could parallel to Regina struggling with her darkness and keeping it at bay. I think this storyline with Snow was used to show that we all have the potential for darkness. Snow can lose love like Regina lost with Daniel, and become a vengeful person as well. On the flip side, we all have the potential for light, which is what they have been showing with Regina throughout the series.

The next scene realigns the storylines.

Snow, out for vengeance, is going to kill the Evil Queen, but not before Charming stops the arrow headed straight for Regina. Even though Snow did not remember him, Charming was unwilling to let Snow cross the line into darkness, and was prepared to die for that. This is the same as when Emma was unwilling to let Regina be consumed by darkness once more, and did not even question what would happen when she took on the darkness herself. Charming then broke Snow’s curse with true love’s kiss, and she remembered him again, and Swan Queen also did things in season 5.

Unfortunately, after Charming/Emma saved Snow/Regina they were taken away, forcing Snow and Regina to have to save Charming and Emma once again.

And really we are still trying to get Emma Swan back, am I right? She may be back physically, but I think we all know that this is not the same Emma Swan. Emma Swan is locked up somewhere in a jail cell within her own mind, like Charming who is locked in the Evil Queen’s dungeon. Season 5 Emma is a prisoner, and it is up to herself, Regina, Snow, Henry, Archie & everyone else to get her out.

Which finally brings us to season 6…

Theory time

In the final episodes of season 1, Snow White and her band of fairy tale misfits storm the Evil Queen’s castle to defeat her and save Prince Charming. 

Using what we have learned so far, the reason the Evil Queen has returned in season 6 is because we have reached that final battle in the story, and in the end, Snow White must face the Evil Queen and take a bite of the poison apple… only in this version Regina is Snow White.

So far canon has continued to follow the storyline. The Evil Queen has targeted Regina (aka Contemporary Snow White)…

Evil Queen: “There was a battle raging inside Regina. And she may have one the fight, but this is a war.”

So if things continue as they have been throughout the series, I’d be worried about Emma…

Also, if you ship CS, I’d be worried about Emma…

…and keep your eyes peeled for apples.

But don’t fret if our contemporary Snow White ends up taking a bite…

Because we all know that Prince Charming wakes her up in the end.

Or in this case Princess Charming.

Now I’m sure even with all this super awesome proof, many of you are still skeptical that Swan Queen will ever get their happy ending. It just doesn’t seem like they will ever find their way to one another! But need I remind you that it took Snowing fooooorever to finally be together. Even when Snow found Charming in the dungeon, and they were reunited, it turned out that Charming’s image was just being projected onto a magic mirror. There was no hope for them. All the forces of the universe were working to keep them apart. But Charming reassured Snow and said to her what I’m going to say to you about Swan Queen dear reader…

Fic: Wednesday’s Child (15/?)

Title: Wednesday’s Child
Summary: The next time Emma Swan wanted magical help, she was on her own. Because now they were stuck with a pint-sized savior who clearly had an attitude problem and a terrified but pretending not to be pre-pirate.
Spoilers: If you’re current, we’re good.
Rating/Warning: PG-13, mostly for safety. Family angst/fluff, as per usual.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. I’m just borrowing them but I’ll put them back when I’m finished!
Author’s Note: This ended up a bit heavier than my normal fluff but it was clearly time for it because it came out on its own.


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After a bit of soft conversation among the adults, little Robin began to fuss, which Regina took as her cue to usher her sister and her niece back to the vault. “We still have a lot of work to do,” she explained, “and we were on the cusp of something before lunch. I don’t want to lose that momentum.”

“Of course,” Charming agreed. The two magical experts losing their momentum was not high on the list of things he wanted, either.

“Thank you for letting us come over,” Zelena said, her tone surprisingly sincere. “They’re precious.” After letting the sentiment settle for a beat, she resumed her typical teasing. “Plus, now I have the perfect blackmail pictures.”

“Hard to blackmail people with pictures you’ve already sent everyone,” Regina reminded her, rolling her eyes.

“Everyone in this house, maybe. Not everyone in Storybrooke.”

Charming and Snow both swallowed snickers. Zelena wasn’t going to do a single thing with those pictures except aww over them occasionally and they both knew it.

After walking the Mills ladies to the door and making sure they left safely, Charming and Snow headed back to the living room to check on their charges. Henry had engaged little Neal in a rudimentary game of catch that involved rolling a ball across the floor to each other. A surprised Snow raised her eyebrows, clearly wondering how Henry had gotten the baby to sit still that long. Now that Neal was walking, keeping him in one place for more than a few minutes at a time had become ridiculously difficult.

Evidently not wanting to interrupt the miracle happening between nephew and uncle, Snow instead ducked into the blanket fort to tend to the sleeping children. It seemed little Emma was every bit the bed hog as her adult self; she’d already vacated her own sleeping spot and had taken over half of Killian’s.

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Okay so… Snow and Charming were watching Emma from her closet, right? So let’s say they go through the portal and are reunited with Emma. How the hell do you think little Emma is going to react to two people appearing out of her closet? 

She’s 10. 

People are appearing out of her closet. 

Snow and Charming made the right decision solely on the fact that Emma probably would have run screaming out of the room to the nearest adult, ending with Snow and Charming getting arrested because they were HIDING IN A TEN YEAR OLD’S CLOSET.

ouat season 5 so far

from someone who hasn’t watched any of season 5

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I love the fact that even though Emma missed major childhood milestones with Snow and Charming because of the curse, we get to see them unfolding now.

In the past we have seen Emma show reluctance to accept her parents, still feeling like a lost girl.

We have seen Emma accept Snow and David as her parents and what it means to be loved by them, but demonstrate a reluctance to accept their help.

We have seen Emma struggle to see her parents as flawed, layered human beings and accept them as such and not simply view them as a child would, infallible and wholly heroic.

And we saw Emma as dark swan and a lonely savior, still believing she has to isolate herself from her family not only to keep them safe, but also because she feels her burdens and mistakes must be carried alone.

Now we see Emma being able to be in this place where she feels not just love, but acceptance and support.

She believes she has the right to ask for help and the faith she will recieve it.

She has the confidence that to know that her family supports her desires and convictions.

And she has the strength to be separated from her parents, not because she feels the need to go it alone, but because she has no fear that she is being abandoned. That no matter how far apart they are her parents love her, want her, and would always find her.

She is not a lost girl. She is a lover. She is a mother. She is a sister. She is a daughter.

This family and their incredible journey. It gets me every time.

My dad watching OUaT
  • *Going Home*
  • DAD: True Love's Kiss never works with memory loss problems Hook!
  • *New York City Serenade*
  • DAD: Does Hook ever change his clothes?
  • *Witch Hunt*
  • DAD: How big is their family tree?
  • *The Tower*
  • DAD: Doesn't he (Killian) ever get could with his chest exposed like that?
  • *Quiet Minds*
  • DAD: (In regards to Neal's death) Well that escalated quickly.
  • *The Jolly Roger*
  • DAD: True Love's Kiss will break any curse. Emma and Hook will kiss, every one will get their memories back and Emma's magic won't be gone. And then, Emmy, I won't have to hear your fangirl cries of anguish
OUaT Recap “The Apprentice” 4x04

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Once Upon A Time 5x18 Zelena with Emma Regina Snow “Ruby Slippers”

Hiding in Plain Sight

I know so many people hate this story line for its rushed unfolding. But I just love it so much. So much delicious foreshadowing for Regina an Emma. 

I mean, Regina’s slow blink at Ruby’s “my friend Dorothy”. My. friend. FRIEND.

And the entire parallel of Ruby going to hell to help Dorothy and Regina currently residing in hell to help Emma. Basically Regina paralleling Dorothy in the flashbacks and these moments in the present where Ruby parallels Regina, like the going to hell one. And the one where she blames herself  and what she is for Dorothy’s problems.

Then the whole no family, unmarried, unloved, with the focus constantly on Regina as the description of pre-Storybrooke Emma by Zelena happens.

Then the description of young Regina by Ruby. “Her family was awful to her…” and the only person she loved being deceased.

Emma’s rapid blinking as a result of it, which I’ve seen her do thrice now in Regina’s presence, two of which were actually directed at Regina. Another fun fact is that Ruby does the same rapid blinking at Dorothy in the flashbacks during their deep conversation, which I’ve never seen her do before I think.

And my favorite thing, as Ruby gives that description about Dorothy as a reply to Snow asking if there is anyone who could give Dorothy a True Love’s Kiss, Regina smiling like she has a secret. That smile is everything. That’s glee trying and failing to be hidden. Regina you should not look that giddy over the idea of finding aunt Em. And I just have never been more sure that everyone who’s ever insinuated that Regina’s gaydar is on point was right. 

I literally flash back to that scene in the diner of Emma observing Regina as she interacts with Ruby and it’s like Ruby is the only person in the entire town Regina’s actually nice to aside from the nurse in the Psych Ward. Ruby is probably the only person in Storybrooke that Regina doesn’t make miserable. And as Ruby is standing at her table she actually makes Ruby smile. There is this moment where it looks like she might have made Ruby a compliment and Ruby looks shy. And I just remember how she brought the nurse a rose when she visited the Psych Ward, allegedly flirted with Ruby as Ruby waited her table and sat on Emma’s desk in the station and spent half her time in Emma’s face looking like she wanted to do much more than that.

I also loved Snow’s “My suspicions have suspicions that I’m investigating” face. She had some serious Poirot game going on there.

Something else I love? Regina sitting in front of the bed as they talk to Ruby. I love the way she’s sitting. So not Madam Mayorly. It’s the best thing.

Also, that conversation between Ruby and Mulan? I’m pretty sure that’s a perfect explanation of Emma’s feelings for Regina. Emma was on the run for years, never missing where she ran from because it was never home. Like Ruby, that’s what she was really looking fro. Then she comes to Storybrooke and she’s standing on Regina’s lawn asking her whether she loves their son. Regina says “Of course I do.” They’ve known each other a day. And Emma stays. Ruby says she thought she was looking for her pack, but now she thinks she was looking for someone like Dorothy. I think the same goes for Emma with Regina. It takes her 3 seasons to realize that, but after a trip to the past, she has. She ends up getting her version of her pack and her true love.

You know what else is great? When Snow talks to Ruby and tells her that there’s still someone  who can give Dorothy true love’s kiss and Ruby asks her who, she says “I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe, umuh, you?” Snow is “mming” and it sounds like “Emma”. Like she’s talking to Emma and saying her name. There is no way that the placement of that “umuh” is coincidental. NO way.

I believe now more than ever that Regina will end up under a sleeping curse at some point, probably next season.

I kind of love that pre-Swan Queen went down between Ruby and Dorothy. because Ruby was there for the original true love story this show started with, that of Emma’s parents. Just like Regina was. Just like Emma eventually was. Ruby was there watching Snow and Charming fall in love, she was a part of it. And Dorothy, like Emma, she’s a stranger from a strange land, ours. And like Regina Ruby is from Fairy Tale Land. I love that they managed that with this story.

Also, the moment where Snow leaves, or rather her conversation with Charming right before she leaves? Where Charming tells Snow to “go to their son”? It’s almost the exact same conversation Emma and Regina had earlier, when Emma wanted Regina to leave with Henry. She literally told Regina to take Henry and Robin and leave. She was literally panicking because she didn’t want them to be in the underworld. She wanted them safe. What makes it better is Regina seemingly thinking (about her own exchange with Emma) in the background right in front of Snowing as they have theirs. That is a literal Emma face. 

It’s also almost the exact exchange Emma and Regina had when Regina told Emma she had to leave Storybrooke with Henry.

This is just a completely unintentional episode.



Inspired in these words: “… Snow and Charming were watching Emma and Hook falling in love which mirrors what happened in the season 3 finale” from gentlesleaze

The most beautiful thing in the look in their eyes. Look at Snow’s face: she is almost as emotional as Emma when she watched her parents fall in love. Because these chance are treasures.

I choose the moment were Snow wears the ring because David said it was the moment he really fall for her, the moment he discover it wouldn’t be anyone else. And with Captain Swan: Emma saying to Killian that he choose to see the best on him, because she accepts him the way he is, and he promised to do the same; this is as good as any “I love you”

anonymous asked:

Best ending you could hope for, in some way emma is tied to the town and a sleeping curse is placed on her and everyone will die if they dont wake her up so she can use the magical town saving magic to defeat the big bad and hook attempts a tlk it fails next henry kisses her forehead it fails and everyone goes to look for something else and regina stays behind for a moment and kisses her awake and the magic saves the whole town and it cuts to 2 weeks later moving in with henry helping its gay

okay but if this happened… regina kisses emma and henry/snow/charming/SOMEONE is watching out the window okay… they have to know the gay happened… and so regina sees emma blink and KNOWS it worked. so many emotions are running through her and she says “emma? emma!” and emma opens her eyes, looks up into regina’s eyes, and says “… regina.”

blatant 3.11 rip-off i’d be bawling my eyes out

BUT i kind of also want the kiss to happen, in like, the middle of main street. not a sleeping curse - something more subtle. some villain they have to defeat put them under some weird thing, like shattered sight 2.0 or whatever. and the gang have tried everything. no potions have worked. no amount of pure magic can defeat this.

and someone (snow, i feel) would say, “it has to be true love’s kiss. that’s the most powerful magic of all, right?”

“but nothing has worked! everyone has kissed each other and the curse isn’t broken!” (henry, angry, the truest believer starting to falter)

because you see, emma kissed hook good morning twelve hours ago while the curse had been in effect. both her and regina have kissed henry’s cheeks and forehead countless times. snow and charming have kissed plenty - as they always do. zelena even gave a peck to regina… just in case.

suddenly, emma and regina meet eyes and know. it all clicks into place. we get flashbacks from their journey - from enemies to mothers to friends to something that’s always felt like more - why did emma’s touch to regina cause jefferson’s hat to start? why is it that nothing but emma and regina’s combined magic can defeat something no one else can? why are they always so afraid to hug, to come into contact, even if they’re best friends - it all clicks and they slowly walk towards each other.

regina, staring into emma’s eyes, says, “not everyone, henry.”

and then they kiss and there’s a flash of bright light and the curse is broken and regina and emma are true loves :)

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Prompt: Emma has to watch baby Neal while Snow & Charming have a night out together. Neal starts fussing and throwing a fit and Emma doesn't know what to do so she calls Regina for help.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma sighs in frustration as the baby in her arms continues to scream. He’s been fed. He’s been changed. He’s not sleepy and Emma’s feeling utterly at a loss. 

She is not ringing her parents though. No way. She saw the look in Snow’s eyes as they left, the worry and the doubt. Emma’s determined to look after Neal, if nothing else to prove to her mother that she can. 

The problem is that she has little experience with babies other than the memories Regina gave her. None of that really happened to her though. She gave Henry up whilst Regina had everything covered up until he was ten. 

“Oh buddy,” she sighs, “What do you want? What are we going to do?” 

Neal simply continues to scream at her and before Emma knows it, she’s dialling the only person she trusts to help her right now. She knows Henry’s at a sleepover and she’s hoping Regina will help her. 

It only takes a few seconds and purple cloud fills the apartment. Emma hangs up the phone with a grateful smile, “Thank you so much,” Emma says, “You didn’t have to come so quickly.” 

“I always have your back Emma,” Regina replies, “Whether it’s a monster or babysitting, what’s up with the charming munchkin?” 

“I have no idea, he just keeps screaming,” Emma says. Regina moves over to her and Emma hands him over. As soon as he’s in Regina’s arms he quiets staring up at Regina in fascination. Regina grins at him before looking up to see Emma staring at her with a soft smile. 

As she notices Regina’s grin she asks, “What?” 

Regina chuckles, “He’s clearly just like his sister.” 

“How do you mean?” 

“Always wanting to be with me and staring at me and smiling,” Regina replies. 

Emma chuckles, “I’m not always staring at you.” 

“You’re not?” 

“No, sometimes I’m staring at your ass.” 

Regina laughs, “I knew it.” 

“I know,” Emma replies, “Thank you for coming over. You’re the only one I’d want to babysit with.” 

Regina smiles as she settles Neal down in his crib before walking back over to Emma. “And you’re the only person I’d poof straight over to babysit with. I was glad you called really.” 

“You were?” 

Regina nods, “I’d rather be with you than all alone.” 

Emma smiles, “It’s my Charming nature isn’t it?”

Regina groans and rolls her eyes, “No…it’s your Emma-nature.”