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guys….. that episode was so good like………. the overall flow of the plot was good, they explicitly showed how mistreated the downworlders are by the clave and how they are affected/the racist allegory, there were heart warming and funny moments, the relationship plots, particularly malec, were realistic and emotional, there was actual mystery and tension


Make Me Choose: Killian or Emma?

(asked by @thetaleofcaptainswan)

Oh don’t mind me. Just going through my favourite OUAT pairing tag and being upset the writers killed off one of the best characters of the show while also panicking about 2 assignments due in a day.

I love the fact that even though Emma missed major childhood milestones with Snow and Charming because of the curse, we get to see them unfolding now.

In the past we have seen Emma show reluctance to accept her parents, still feeling like a lost girl.

We have seen Emma accept Snow and David as her parents and what it means to be loved by them, but demonstrate a reluctance to accept their help.

We have seen Emma struggle to see her parents as flawed, layered human beings and accept them as such and not simply view them as a child would, infallible and wholly heroic.

And we saw Emma as dark swan and a lonely savior, still believing she has to isolate herself from her family not only to keep them safe, but also because she feels her burdens and mistakes must be carried alone.

Now we see Emma being able to be in this place where she feels not just love, but acceptance and support.

She believes she has the right to ask for help and the faith she will recieve it.

She has the confidence that to know that her family supports her desires and convictions.

And she has the strength to be separated from her parents, not because she feels the need to go it alone, but because she has no fear that she is being abandoned. That no matter how far apart they are her parents love her, want her, and would always find her.

She is not a lost girl. She is a lover. She is a mother. She is a sister. She is a daughter.

This family and their incredible journey. It gets me every time.

Caspar trying to make himself smaller to put his head on Joe’s shoulder is my everything