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Some Mama Snow with a side of suggested Tinkerhook and early CS. Set at the end of 3x03 just after they picked up Tinkerbell. Inspired by the Snowing song in the musical number but contains no spoilers. Just my headcanons. Unbetad

Hook and Tinkerbell–still weird– lead the way through the jungle, walking almost shoulder to shoulder and talking in low voices. The sight unnerved Emma. It wasn’t hard to guess that those two had history but what kind? It hadn’t escaped Emma’s notice that Hook hadn’t lifted his sword toward the fairy or that he had called her pet names in that frustratingly familiar way he had. There was still so much she didn’t know about him, couldn’t trust about him.

She looked behind her to see Regina following, deep in thought and barely aware of where she went. For some reason the mayor trusted Tinkerbelle to help save Henry and maybe that should be enough. Emma turned back around and caught Hook grinning at the fairy. Her stomach gave a twist and she gritted her teeth against the surge of what she wouldn’t admit was jealousy.

She looked away peering into the jungle and refusing to care who Hook smiled at.


Emma glanced up to see Mary-Margaret falling into step beside her.


“You okay?” Her mother’s eyes traveled to Hook and then back at Emma as if she guessed at something. Emma’s defenses flared up, first Regina called him her boyfriend and now Mary-Margaret was giving her that look.

“I’m fine.”

They walked in silence for awhile and Emma could feel the other woman thinking, trying to work out a way to say something. Emma squirmed inside. Her confession on the log the other night had been difficult but it had connected them in a way that reminded Emma of her friend, Mary-Margaret and not her mother, Snow White. She must have felt it too because she had seemed intent on strengthening it; dropping comments and sending Emma glances throughout the day. It was kind of sweet, it was kind of annoying.

“I talked to birds,” Mary-Margaret burst out.

“What?” Emma’s steps faltered and she stared at her before continuing to walk.

Mary-Margaret gave a self-conscience smile. “I know it sounds insane but–“ she shrugged. “It’s one of the few things the Disney movies got right.”

Emma blinked trying to process the information. “Okay. You talked to birds.”

She nodded. “And my horse and sometimes chipmunks.”  Emma felt slow, like she was missing the point entirely.

“Why exactly did you talk to them?”

“Because I had no one else to talk to.”

It was said openly, honestly, without the pain or hostility Emma would have expected. Her brows furrowed.

“It started just after my mother died. I would just tell them everything I was thinking or feeling and they would chirp back and somehow it made things better. When I lived in the woods sometimes I wouldn’t see another person for weeks. The animals kept me sane.” She gave a little laugh. “Or I guess as sane as a woman who talks to animals can be.”

Her voice was bright a small, smile on her face but Emma sensed the pain behind it. Regina coped with sharp barbs and snark, Hook with innuendo and smirks, and these were methods Emma understood and accepted, but to face pain and loneliness with a smile and hope the way her mother did was harder for her to grasp. Mary-Margaret hid behind smiles, so often that Emma sometimes forgot that she was hiding, that she wasn’t as untouched by pain or sorrow as she appeared. Feeling awkward with the revelation Emma used one of her own weapons.

“Okay. Well, I guess as long as you didn’t sing to them it’s not so crazy.”


“You have got to be kidding me.”

“It was a spell!” Mary-Margaret protested.

“A singing curse? Really?” Emma shook her head and grinned. “And I thought tromping through Neverland with Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Snow White and Prince Charming was the pinnacle of weird.”

Mary-Margaret chuckled beside her. “Something tells me your life might get much weirder.”

“I sure hope not. This is about all I can handle.”

“No. You can handle much more. You can handle anything.” The faith in her voice made Emma’s throat close up. She hadn’t known how much she needed that little boost of confidence.

Emma smiled her thanks. They fell into a companionable silence that lasted until they reached their camp. And it wasn’t until she was laying down to sleep that Emma found herself wondering just how a singing curse would work. Images of every Disney musical number she had ever watched flashed before her eyes. She would ask Mary-Margret in the morning about it. And it was that thought that followed her into sleep and gave her some very interesting dreams.

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Just wondering erm what is the 'bedroom' life like with Killian? 😉😉😉

Oh wow. Bedroom life? Well… he wakes up way too early, insists on making the bed, and sometimes we fight for the bathroom in the morning.

I’m guessing that’s not the answer you were looking for though.

Sorry to disappoint. 

a life-altering secret...
  • Emma Swan - in her office, reading the Daily Mirror, taking a sip from her coffee.
  • Evil Queen: (quietly poofs behind Emma, leans down and sensually whispers in her ear) Miss Swan...
  • Emma Swan: (jolts, burns her mouth with the brew) Regi- You... (evil cleavage at her eye level) What are you- What do you want? (nervously)
  • Evil Queen: To see you. Can't I visit my son's other mother? I've quite missed you since our last... encounter.
  • (EQ moves from behind Emma to come sit over her desk)
  • Evil Queen: I can still feel the grip of your cuffs on my wrists, dear. (grins) So dominant, so naughty, Sheriff. I see why she fancies you. (winks)
  • Emma Swan: (swallows hard) What?? I- a- Look, first of all don't Miss Swan me, it pisses me off. Secondly-
  • Evil Queen: Does it? (raises a suggestive eyebrow) "Em-ma" -is this how you prefer Regina emoting your name? Is this the way you'd like her to pronounce it in the bedroom?
  • Emma Swan: (blushing profusely) Whoa! That escalated quickly. Regina- Queen. Whatever- you're getting weird... (licks lips nervously) I only see Regina as a friend, and as my son's mother.
  • Evil Queen: Really? What a shame, Savior. (fakely sighs, gets down the desk to prepare to leave)
  • Emma Swan: Uh... Why? (confused puppy eyes)
  • Evil Queen: Because she sees you as... More. (smirks)
  • Emma Swan: Huh? (puppy eyes)
  • Evil Queen: Goodbye, Miss Swan. (poofs)
  • Emma Swan: No, wait! Come back! (scoffs)
  • Regina Mills: (entering the office, take-out bags in her hand) Who are you talking to? (looks around)
  • Emma Swan: You. Other you. Never mind.
  • Regina Mills: The Evil Queen? What did she want, what did she tell you? (nervous)
  • Emma Swan: (smiles sheepishly) Nothing...
  • Regina Mills: (stares) Miss Swan. What did she say?
  • Emma Swan: Don't "Miss Swan" me. (grumbles)
  • Regina Mills: I know it pisses you off, but that's what you get when you're not been cooperative.
  • Emma Swan: Actually, it's because it fucking turns me on.
  • Regina Mills: (blushing brightly) What on eart--
  • (Emma kisses her deeply)
  • - Rainbows burst out of Regina and the curse is broken -
  • Regina Mills: I'm whole again. (teary-eyed, smiling)
  • Emma Swan: We both are. (heart eyes)