emma swan x captain hook

Come in From the Cold

Surprise, @natascha-remi-ronin​! I’m your Captain Swan Secret Santa!

I hope you enjoy this fic I wrote you :)

Special thanks to @cssecretsanta for organizing this whole event!


“You know, you’re supposed to use a piece of last year’s yule log to light this year’s. It protects the house from evil spirits.”

Emma nearly smacked her head on the top of the fireplace as she turned around.

“It’s not a yule log, it’s just a regular log in a regular fire,” she rolled her eyes.


She playfully shoved Killian out of her way as she stood.

“Well, I didn’t save any firewood from the Christmas party last year, so we’ll have to make do. I suppose I should beware of black cats crossing my path today, too?”

“I mean, you should always beware of black cats walking directly in your path, Duckling.”

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