Regina needed to be ...

Cora’s Queen 

Leopold’s second wife

Snow’s Stepmother 

Rumple’s Evil Queen

Henry’s Hero 

Robin’s second chance

…she never feels like she’s good enough though

 Once Upon a Time … she just wanted to be free

never got her chance with Daniel

But Emma

Emma needed her to be 

 just Regina

nothing more

 nothing less

 I think this says a lot

Regina needed to be 



CS + Floor

Dedicated to the wonderful manic-pixiefangirl

This is such a significant word for them with so many different situations that I just had to make a “mega” gifset for it :)

We use to talk a lot about Captain Floor, but Swan Floor is also becoming a huge icon already. And don’t get me start talking about the threesome… This three should really hook up more (pun intended of course).

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

Full “CS + word” list made so far

Just No

Emma and Killian are seriously disgusting: I just can’t stand them. Have you ever looked at them?

I hate their kisses, because truly show how unfit they are for each other

No passion

Or tenderness

Just so forced

And for a fairytale love, their kisses barely trascend time or space

(It always seem they tripped on each other)

They make me feel ashamed of all the disgusting looks they sent to each other

No chemistry

(You can’t say: “Sudenly he/she look at me and I feel breathless”)

No adorableness

No awe

(Their looks would never make me melt)

Or love

They never have a good time together

But the worst: I just hate how they touch each other. Again I don’t see any





(To close really)


(Doesn’t matter he just dies, it was an accident Emma fall over him)


(Kissing again after the most disgusting love confession)

Resuming: save me from Captain Swan

  • Emma *grumbling*:The meanest Mayor ever....all this evil
  • Regina:What was that?
  • Emma *blushing*:Uh.....
  • Regina *grinning*:I brought you lunch since I knew you were snowed under by paperwork.
  • Emma *smiling*:You may be the meanest Mayor ever but you're also the best girlfriend ever.
  • Regina:I'll have you know I could be a much meaner Mayor. That stack of paperwork could be twice as big.
  • Emma:Did I say mean? I meant beautifully kind and loving Mayor.
  • Regina *chuckling before kissing Emma*:That's better.