emma sunnies

  • Me: i hate children
  • Me: * sees the baudelaires*
  • Me: * sees the peculiars*
  • Me: * also the squad of stranger things*
  • Also me: i'll protect them with my life

anonymous asked:

Can you explain what's going on with Emma and the lady who made the dress?? Why would she be losing her job because of someone else wearing their design?

Okay, honestly I had no idea why at first but it came up in a group chat today:

And it’s true, Emma Watson worked with the costume designer to make the dress more “feminist” and “modern.” (this article is unfortunately a positive stance on this disaster).

So basically, the designer’s gonna get ripped to shreds over this ugly ass cheap-looking dress despite the fact that it doesn’t match Belle’s dress because of Emma fucking Watson, not the designer.

-Mod Sunny

P.S. here’s the dress:

  • Julian Blackthorn: I’m having feelings again, like some sort of fourteen-year-old kid. You remember feelings, right?
  • Emma Carstairs: ...Yeah, I have feelings every single day of my life.
  • Julian Blackthorn: Do you?
  • Emma Carstairs: Are you saying you don’t have feelings?