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“we will get married and have three kids: louis, emma and hugo.”- Marinette, Stormy Weather Episode.

Louis: 19 

Emma: 18

Hugo: 17

I’m thinking of make some drawings of them, what do you guys think?


Taylor Taylor Taylor,

Over these last 3 years of being friends, I would say you’ve there for me in some kind of way whenever I needed you, whether I was having a bad birthday, I couldn’t sleep, or I was just feeling very alone, your music and gifts have always put a smile on my face.

Now. It’s crazy to think you’ve known me since I was 10, and now I’m a completely new person, and almost 14. I’ve known you since you were 19, and now you’re almost 28, and also, a changed person. The last time you talked to me I had shorter hair, braces, and was slightly shorter. NOW, I’m growing my hair out, have NO braces (thank god), and have grown about 2 inches. I also started running cross country for the first time, in attempt to train for my high school team next year. Yeah, that too. I start high school in a year. I don’t know how to feel about that. For sure a little scared, but I know I’ll be with all my friends, which is all I need. I’ll definitely be listening to You Are In Love on repeat throughout the year, you know how much that song means to me. Oh yeah, and I GOT STRAIGHT AS BABY!!!!! I was so hopeful for this school year, so I decided to start it off by getting Straight As the first quarter. I’m proud of me.

For all these years we’ve known each other, I would say you’re some kind of role model, or bigger sister figure in my life. I can always say that no matter what, I’ve always looked up to you for the way you choose to live your life. It’s a way that I can only hope to live mine some day.

Most importantly, I’ve made so many incredible friends along the years, so many you wouldn’t believe. I have any amazing group of girls, the coconuts (weird name, right), who are by my side ALWAYS. I have my best friend in the world, Henna, who we both know and love. And there’s Emma, Katelyn, Kenna, Stormie, Cheyenne, Dayton, Bree, Ashlyn, Alaina, Cassie, Tallie, Sofia, Alyssa, Emily, Mik, and so SO many more. I’ve never been very good at making friends, and thanks to you, I’m happier than ever because of them.

What’s going on with you Hometay? How are the cats? What have you been up to? HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR THIS ALBUM???

I love you forever, and I hope you can read this very long message and be reminded that my life has changed so so much for the better, because I have you in it.


Your Rosebud🌹

Ps: I MISS YOU HOMETAY!!! Let’s see each other soon, maybe? St. Louis has been waiting….

CSLB Artist Spotlight: clockadile

Today’s featured Captain Swan Little Bang artist is @clockadile​!

How long have you been making artwork for the OUAT fandom? What sorts of artwork (original or fan art) did you make before joining the OUAT fandom?

Since at least season 3. I think I drew Mary Margaret first with her pixie cut and her bow while I was still getting caught up from the from season 1. Before that I did some Stargate fanart and my own original stuff. Lots of werewolves and satyrs and dragons through highschool and into university where I started animating.

What sort of artwork do you like to make, either in terms of style, medium, or subject matter?

I like drawing stuff. Lately I’ve been mostly doing digital for convenience but I’ll occasionally pick up pencil or ink again. I’d like to get back into watercolour but I’ve gotten so used to not having to pay for paper I keep balking at the cost of the quality I need.

Subject wise I like doing action-y stuff or fluffy stuff or dumb silly comics. Occasionally I’ll do angst, but it’s usually fluffi-fied into comfort.

Whose your favorite subject for artwork: Emma or Killian? Or do you prefer both together? Why?

If it’s more comedic stuff I like drawing Killian. Poor pirate is too easy to pick on. For general badassery I like drawing Emma, but damn is Killian’s old pirate coat ever fun to draw and stylize. But I also like trying to stylize Emma to make her look all tough and cool but her face is always so challenging. With Killian it’s like “I have drawn a rectangle, a triangle nose, and some heavy eyebrows.” But Jen’s face is so complex there’s so many different ways to approach it! Sooooo, I’m going to have to go with both for this question.

If you participated in the 2016 Big or Little Bangs, or the 2017 Big Bang, what was the experience like for you? What are you looking forward to this time around?

Both experiences were great! Working with an author provides so much inspiration and it’s fun helping them bring scenes to life. I’m looking forward to see what new themes I’ll get to play with next, but also just having a shorter project to focus on.

Featured Artwork: The Dark Horizon Artwork

My answer will change every time you ask me for a favourite, but currently this one. Generally my favourites are the ones I feel I learned the most from and this was a departure from my usual colouring and tone. There are still parts about it that really frustrat me, but I’m overall happy with how badass Emma looks, how stormy it feels and the composition.

Check out @clockadile​ on Tumblr!

A Promise Made

Emma takes the chance to say what she never had the chance to. 

I’m off on vacation – or, at least, visiting family for the weekend. I wasn’t able to finish the second chapter of Red Line Dreamin’ but I was able to write this one-shot. Enjoy! 


The wind is stronger here by the docks, more biting as it whips around her and sea. Emma tugs her jacket more tightly, trying in vain to protect herself against the bitter chill. A storm is coming soon. If not for the wind, she can tell by the dark gray clouds that obscure the sun and sky. There’s also an electric tinge in the air, one that has nothing to do with the villains now threatening the town.

It’s going to be a dark and stormy night, Emma thinks, laughing to herself at her own joke. There’s a part of her that wishes Killian were here to hear it, if only so she can tease him about another unfamiliar reference in this realm.

But, Killian isn’t there with her to roll his eyes and scold her for making another reference he doesn’t get. Instead, by design, he is holed up in the library with Henry, both her boys doing their best to research and understand the possible newcomers Hyde might have brought with him from the Land of Untold Stories.

He thinks she’s on some sort of Sheriff mission at the moment solving problems caused by the dwarves. Emma feels bad for lying to him, but this is something she needs to do on her own – at least the first time. Besides, with the extra villains running around town, he’s been extra wary to leave her side. That she’s able to understand, and feels the same pull to not part from him any longer than necessary. The thought of losing him again chills her more to the bone than the wind ever could.

The ancient wood of the Jolly Roger creaks under her boots as she boards it. She’s rarely been on this ship without Killian, and it feels like a small betrayal to go behind his back like this. But as her fingers glide against the railing, she knows she’s doing that right thing, and that once she tells him, he will understand. Being True Loves and all, they get one another. Besides, she isn’t doing this for him. She’s here for someone else.

She’s here for Liam.

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