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It was purely an accident on his part the first time.  Well, sort of.

He knew he was angering the Queen, it was only that he just couldn’t bring himself to care.  So he poked and prodded and mocked until even a saint would have lost their temper, and a saint Regina had never been.

Even so,  the fireball made him shout in surprise and he was braced for a fiery impact that never came.  Slowly, he opened his eyes one at time, only to discover that he was no longer standing in front of Regina as he had been, but was instead next to Granny behind the counter.  He looked down at the elderly woman in confusion, and she gave him a shrug and pointed at the door.

“Your girlfriend, to the rescue.”

And there she is, in full Dark Swan regalia, looking down her nose at Regina as though the other woman is no more than a bug beneath her boot.

“Not very savior-like behaviour,” Emma mused in the silken tone she used more often than not in the wake of her change.  “I would be disappointed, except we both know what I think of your sad little attempts to be me.”

The words made Regina bare her teeth in anger, but Emma had already moved on, her long legged strides taking her towards Killian.

“As much as I love to observe the emotional destruction of you all in my absence, I’m rather fond of your pretty face” - she ran a hand down his cheek - “do try to keep it whole, won’t you?”

She disappeared, leaving Killian to swallow and look at Regina, who returned his glance with a narrow-eyed look of her own. That had been the only time Emma had come to them, rather than one of them calling her, and Killian knew the Queen was trying to calculate how best to use this new information.

Killian, on the other hand, already had a plan.

It was time to embrace a little danger.

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‘I’ve got a great family and great people around me that would be able to kick me in the shins if I ever for one minute got lost up in the clouds. I’ve been really lucky in that sense.’