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I would like you to envision a Tumblr Victuuri romance.

Viktor reblogs Yuuri’s every post, and tags him in things that are even vaguely related to something Yuuri posted about. Once. Three years ago.

Yuuri’s activity page is so rapid-fire that he doesn’t even notice.

“Chris,” Viktor desperately private messages, “Chris, I’ve done everything. I’ve left twenty anons in his inbox. I’ve created a whole Yuuri appreciation blog. How do I… how.” Christophe rolls his eyes. Well, he sends a gif of Emma Stone rolling her eyes. Five minutes later, Viktor has a new message. “You’re welcome.”

“What is on my dash,” Yuuri hyperventilates. “What is my ENTIRE dash.”

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anonymous asked:

If a character is only a quarter non white and for the most part white-passing is it bad to fancast white people as them?

1. the way you phrased this is bothering me quite honestly, like if they’re ONLY one quarter (which isn’t as insignificant as ur implying with that “only” like that’s. one of your grandparents. call me crazy but some ppl’s grandparents are like. part of their life) is it okay if we just pretend that doesn’t exist because it makes it easier for us? how much nonwhite do they have to have in them b4 we have to acknowledge that it’s there n include that part of them in our fandom :/

2. being mixed is not a one size fits all kind of deal. ethnicity can influence every aspect of your life or virtually none of your life, depending on who you are and who raised you and where you live and an enormous host of other things. if a character’s grandpa immigrated from china, married a german woman, had their mom n then died when their mom was 2 that’s going to be different than a character who is a devout hindu who visits their indian grandma’s house to celebrate holidays with her. culture and heritage plays varying roles in all of our lives and it’s always gonna be whitewashing to cast an exclusively white person for a mixed character whose culture plays some sort of significant role in their life. not everyone chooses to use halves and quarters to describe themselves.

3. if they’re white passing “for the most part” that means that sometimes they’re not white passing and/or certain features that they have are distinctively nonwhite and so casting a white person means that they’re either gonna be doing black face, brown face, or yellow face to some degree in order to get those “ethnic” features and/or inauthentic “tan” so like yeah. that’s bad. there’s no need to go searching for ambiguously tan white people or fucking emma stone and her eyes that look kind of “asian” except that they’re not asian because she’s not asian when there’s like literally entire populations of people who were born with precisely the kind of features that the character is supposed to have. it shouldn’t be so hard to leave “ethnic” features in the populations of people who were actually born with them.

4. if it’s mentioned at all in the canon then i’m assuming it’s somehow relevant to this character and their story, and if they’re not totally white passing then i’m assuming that they have certain features that are distinctively not white, and so i’m going to conclude that yeah it’s whitewashing and you shouldn’t do it.

5. the only time this is really okay is if you have a character who is white for all intents and purposes and then at some point it gets thrown out that they had a grandma from japan in a non-sequitur that doesn’t seem to have any significance to the character or the plot and is more than likely just done as an excuse so she can use a katana without the author getting called racist.