emma should have won

Out of the Frying Pan (28/?)

“I don’t doubt that you can do all of this on your own,” he said softly, eyes focused on his feet or the tiny scuff mark her sneakers had left on the floor. “I know you can.”

“Then why?”

His shoulders moved and she could feel him staring at her when he talked, hand tightening again – but Emma wasn’t sure if he meant to do that or not. “I care about you,” he said slowly after a few moments, voice measured, like he was focusing on each letter in each word, determined not to stutter over anything.

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DWTS S24 was a huge bust

I never got into Rashad and Emma. I just never felt anything from them. They were good, but not great. But I am cool with them winning. Especially for Emma.

Normani and Val should have won. Plain and simple. I’m finding it very hard to believe that his and her fans(harmonizers) and the general audience didn’t vote enough. 3rd place is beyond ridiculous.

I find it very hard that cubs fans care that much to vote for David like that. I find it very hard for an NFL player who isn’t even on a team and never had an identity with any team can have a strong fan base.

I clearly saw the show pushing for Rashad Monday night. And then announcing he’s going on tour was them clearly giving away the winner which bothered me.

He also went last the week prior then Monday and again tonight.

From Heather being eliminated early. Nancy early. And Simone not making the finals and now Normani getting 3rd made this season a total bust.

Very rare is there an opportunity to have such amazing dancers in one season. I was deprived from getting great dancing in favor for people like Bonner and David and so on. It all went down the toilet.

Never in the history of the show have I seen so many shocking things. It felt like it happened every week. Nothing made sense.

Are people seriously not voting?

Congrats to Rashad and especially Emma, but I do think hands down no question Normani and Val should have won.

Worst season ever.

I’m not even a Nikki Bella fan and I’m shaking my head at the new Diva’s champion.  It’s only because there’s more deserving people who should have been champion before someone who’s only champion because of who her father is.  Who’s pretty much been be rapackaged as a female version of her father.  People like Naomi, Tamina, Natalya, Alicia Fox, hell even someone like Emma should have won that title before Charlotte … but not really any of my business anyways this whole “Give Divas a Chance” was always a way to give all the chances to Charlotte and I think we all know this.