emma ramone


Xorn: I’m a healer.
Wolverine: With a skull mask?
Xorn: Can’t have the Alpha without the Omega. Cyclops, Wolverine, Emma Frost—I can sense a strange unnatural blockage within each of you. Describe your problems more fully so that I can seek out the root cause…
Cyclops: My optic blasts are super weak and they’re recharging so slowly… I used to be able to fire blasts powerful enough to knock down vault doors one after another. Now it’s taking me days to recharge after a single blast.
Wolverine: My healing factor is shot. I should be able to recover from any injury in a matter of minutes. Not so much now. My friggin’ fingertips haven’t grown back after twelve hours.
Emma: And mostly I’m just bored.

E is for Extinction no. 2 (2015)
Chris Burnham, Dennis Culver, Ramon Villalobos, and Ian Herring