emma octavia winters

Someone posted on the TDR page that they blame the judges for me leaving.

Honey no. They had nothing to do with my decision. If you want to know why, read here. Seriously, realize that it was not me not wanting to do the challenge but me dealing with feeling unworthy and unhappy to do so. Depression and anxiety are strange things, especially in myself. Something that is really new and I had an episode back home where I did nothing but cry in my room and tried blogging happy things. Also around this time, I blamed my meds and stopped taking them (as we all know is a bad move but my dumbass thought it would help).

So no, don’t blame them, it was a choice they made and I respect it. If they want me back later, they can ask, if not, that’s cool too. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Learn it and live it.

wendyc0rdur0y  asked:

Hey, for the record you didn't belong in the bottom two. You looked damn good and your lipsync was fucking sickning. Don't let it get you down bby, you did really good work.

Thanks. I know I don’t belong there. Apparently no one wants real goth with this challenge though and has never heard of Morticia or Wednesday Addams. Oh well, I serve a motherfucking lip sync and what you see in that video, is the icing on the cake. I will serve these bitches.